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The top things to do on an I-10 road trip

From West Coast deserts to East Coast swamps, this epic road trip takes you along the southern edge of the U.S.

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Created by Roadtrippers - January 19th 2021

The deserts of Southern California, Texas' Hill Country, and the Florida Panhandle are all highlighted along Interstate 10, which runs across the southern part of the U.S.. Whether you're just hopping on for a bit or crossing from coast to coast, here are our favorite things to do along I-10.

I-10 starts on the West Coast in Los Angeles. The sprawling City of Angels has so much to experience you could easily spend weeks here. Whether you want to go star-spotting in Hollywood, sample street tacos, or play in the ocean waves, plan to spend at least a few hours reveling in classic L.A. activities.

17mi 00h 35m
Photo of Venice Beach Boardwalk

1800 Ocean Front Walk, Venice, CA, US

Venice Beach Boardwalk


The Venice Beach Boardwalk is the perfect place to do some people watching. Spot surfers riding waves by the pier, weight-lifters pumping iron at Muscle Beach, and fascinating folks displaying their talents at the Venice Beach Freak Show. The carnival-like atmosphere also features kitschy shops, sandy beachfront, and plenty of food.

39mi 01h 06m
Photo of Disneyland

S Harbour Blvd, Anaheim, CA, US



If you've got a day to spare, then make your way to a classic theme park: Disneyland. Gaze upon Sleeping Beauty's Castle on Main Street U.S.A., ride Space Mountain in Tomorrowland, and head to Fantasyland once the sun sets to bask in the fiber optic light displays.

38mi 00h 52m

3948 Mission Inn Ave, Riverside, CA, US

Tio’s Tacos Restaurant


On your way out of Los Angeles on I-10, make a quick detour to grab a bite to eat at Tio's Tacos. You'll appreciate the folk art as much as the food in this eclectic Mexican eatery, which serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

37mi 00h 46m
Photo of Cabazon Dinosaurs

50770 Seminole Drive, Cabazon, CA, US

Cabazon Dinosaurs


You might recognize this iconic roadside attraction from Pee-wee's Big Adventure. Originally built in 1964 to garner attention to a now-defunct restaurant, the massive dinos currently stand guard over a museum and gift shop.

20mi 00h 28m

1800 East Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs, CA, US

The Saguaro


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Once you're out of the L.A. area, you'll find yourself near the resort city of Palm Springs. Book a stay at one of the stylish hotels in town, like The Saguaro, a retro-kitsch boutique hotel. The colorful rooms, chic bar, luxurious spa treatments, and outstanding pool make this a decadent getaway.

56mi 01h 10m
Photo of Joshua Tree National Park

74485 National Park Dr, Twentynine Palms, CA, US

Joshua Tree National Park


Stretch your legs after cruising I-10 with a hike at Joshua Tree National Park. Named for its well-recognizable trees—which are actually a species of yucca plants—the park also has fascinating geological formations. Hike out to Skull Rock for climbing and boulder scrambling. If you brought a tent, you can set up camp at one of the nine campgrounds inside the park.

281mi 04h 27m

3538 E Indian School Rd, Phoenix, AZ, US

The Stand


Road trips and burgers go hand-in-hand, but the grub you'll find at The Stand in Phoenix is definitely not your average fast food fare. The patties are made fresh daily and topped with crisp, locally-grown veggies and other tasty accoutrements. Pro tip: The hand-spun milkshakes are renowned. Get the chocolate chile shake if you're feeling adventurous.

If you extend your stay in Phoenix, the Clarendon Hotel and The Saguaro Scottsdale are among the many excellent accommodation options.

108mi 01h 52m
Photo of Saguaro National Park

2700 N Kinney Rd, Tucson, AZ, US

Saguaro National Park


Detour off I-10, and take a scenic cruise through Saguaro National Park. Saguaros can live for over 100 years and grow to be 20 feet tall, and they're relatively rare, only native to certain parts of Mexico, California, and Arizona.

There are many nice hotels in Tucson, as well. The Cactus Cove Bed and Breakfast and the Catalina Park Inn are a couple worth checking out.

24mi 00h 39m

6000 E Valencia Rd, Tucson, AZ, US

Pima Air and Space Museum


The Pima Air and Space Museum is one of the largest air and space museums in the country, housing more than 300 historically significant aircraft. The museum partners with the nearby 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group, known as the world's largest airplane boneyard, to offer a bus tour, which will take you past more than 4,000 decommissioned planes.

29mi 00h 33m

1580 W Duval Mine Rd, Green Valley, AZ, US

Titan Missile Museum


In Green Valley, you'll pass by the epic Titan Missile Museum, which houses the only remaining Titan II intercontinental ballistic missile. Get an up-close look at a missile that could launch a nine-megaton nuclear warhead.

73mi 01h 28m

417 E Allen St, Tombstone, AZ, US

Big Nose Kate's Saloon


A quick detour off I-10 will take you to the town of Tombstone, where the infamous gunfight at the O.K. Corral took place. A number of preserved buildings and kitschy attractions share tales of the Old West days. Stop by Big Nose Kate's to eat or drink at the Grand Hotel's original bar, which dates to the 1880s.

41mi 00h 48m
Photo of The Thing

2631 N Johnson Rd, Benson, AZ, US

The Thing


Along I-10, you are sure to notice many colorful billboards promoting The Thing as a mystery of the desert. If you find yourself curious, make a stop at this classic old-school roadside attraction, which has featured quirky exhibits and souvenirs since 1965.

155mi 03h 17m

Next, the interstate will take you through a short portion of New Mexico. You won't be here long, but you can stop by the gorgeous desert landscapes of City of Rocks State Park. Rocks and boulders, shaped by the forces of nature into hoodoos and pinnacles, reach nearly 40 feet tall, and make for a striking landscape to hike through.

88mi 01h 30m
Photo of Lundeens Inn of The Arts

618 S Alameda Blvd, Las Cruces, NM, US

Lundeens Inn of The Arts


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Spend the night soaking up some New Mexico culture at the Lundeens Inn of The Arts. Each room in this bed and breakfast—located in a historic 100-year-old building—is named for an artist and decorated with Southwestern flair.

9mi 00h 19m
Photo of Dripping Springs Natural Area

Dripping Springs Road,, Las Cruces, NM, US

Dripping Springs Natural Area


New Mexico is also home to Dripping Springs Natural Area. Here, you'll find piñon and juniper lining the easy, well-marked trails. Watch for desert wildlife, including golden eagles, mule deer, hawks, quail, lizards, and mountain lions.

21mi 00h 37m

Wsmr P Rt 1, White Sands, NM, US

White Sands Missile Range Museum


The White Sands Missile Range Museum is full of information about the U.S.’s nuclear program and rocket technology. Head outside to the Missile Park to snap photos. The park has roughly 60 different rockets all used in combat in the years between WWII and the Gulf War.

72mi 01h 24m

6900 Hueco Tanks Rd. #1, El Paso, TX, US

Hueco Tanks State Park & Historic Site


A full third of the I-10 route is located in Texas, as the road crosses the Lone Star State at its widest part. Right after you cross the border, you'll find Hueco Tanks State Parks. The rocky hills offer a scenic backdrop for hiking and world-class climbing.

Since you're in the area, consider finding a hotel in El Paso. Fully renovated in 2020, the Hotel Paso del Norte is a historic landmark.

24mi 00h 34m

11381 Montwood Dr, El Paso, TX, US

Chico's Tacos


Grab cheap, quick grub at Chico's Tacos as you swing through El Paso. This local favorite offers deep-fried taco deliciousness smothered in tomato sauce and topped with a healthy dose of shredded cheese.

185mi 02h 50m
Photo of Balmorhea State Park

State Hwy 17, TX, US

Balmorhea State Park


Take a dip in the world's largest spring-fed pool at Balmorhea State Park. The pool itself is 1.75 acres big and holds 3.5 million gallons of water. The San Solomon Springs pump 15 million gallons of clean water into it each day, creating a natural, non-chlorinated swimming hole.

As deep as 25 feet deep in some places, the pool is perfect for snorkeling and scuba diving. Plus, since the water stays around 72 to 76 degrees naturally, it's refreshingly cool, but not too cold, during the hot Texas summers.

Balmorhea State Park offers camping and an old-school motor lodge onsite, as well.

From the Pacific Coast to the Atlantic Ocean, a trip along the entirety of I-10 means crossing through deserts, hill country, swamplands, small towns, and big cities. One simple interstate can let you experience U.S. landscapes, cultures, cuisines, and attractions.


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