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Check Out These Charming Small Towns in "Almost Heaven"

Sample cider made from local apples, hike along a former railroad, and find out why this place is called "America's Resort."

  • 6
  • 01:50
  • 62 mi
  • $10
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Created by West Virginia Tourism - September 23rd 2020

There’s something about visiting a small town to remind you of what’s really valuable in life. And this stretch, from Lewisburg up to Marlinton, is sure to give you that pure, heartwarming experience. Let the stunning parks of this region amaze you and let the locals welcome you. After all, you may find yourself thinking this trip is “Almost Heaven.” Read more about this trip here.

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White Sulphur Springs, WV


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Lewisburg, WV


Lewisburg, WV


Hillsboro, WV

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Banner Photo Credit: West Virginia Tourism

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