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You Can Take a Drive and a Dip Along This Historic Loop

This collection of charming mountain towns in West Virginia's Eastern Panhandle may be small in size but they're big on American history.

  • 8
  • 05:23
  • 183 mi
  • $29
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Created by West Virginia Tourism - September 24th 2020

Just a short drive outside of the Washington and Baltimore metro areas, this loop through West Virginia’s Eastern Panhandle is both a relaxing and enlightening weekend getaway. Here you’ll find everything from deluxe spas and award-winning dining, to remarkable American history and unforgettable accommodations—all set against the beautiful, lush backdrop of the Potomac River. Read more about this trip here.

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Shepherdstown, WV


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Harpers Ferry, WV


Martinsburg, WV

High View, WV

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Banner Photo Credit: West Virginia Tourism Office

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