Great Northern Leg 6: Missoula to Seattle

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Created by Tatiana Danger - February 11th 2019

6mi 00h 11m

5417 Trumpeter Way, Missoula, MT, US

Big Sky Brewing Company

4mi 00h 06m
8mi 00h 12m
Photo of Frenchtown Pond State Park

18401 Frenchtown Frontage Road, Frenchtown, MT, US

Frenchtown Pond State Park

13mi 00h 18m

22 S. Frontage Rd E. MOTEL, Alberton, MT, US

River Edge Resort & Steakhouse

0mi 00h 03m
Photo of Natural Pier Bridge

643 S. Frontage Rd West Alberton, MT, Alberton, MT, US

Natural Pier Bridge


Highway 135, Plains, MT, US

Quinn's Hot Springs Resort

58mi 01h 02m
21mi 00h 25m
Photo of Elmer's Fountain

I-90, Mullan, ID, US

Elmer's Fountain

17mi 00h 22m

605 Cedar St, Wallace, ID, US

Oasis Bordello Museum


Once you reach Idaho, visit the adorable town of Wallace (used in the film "Dantes Peak"). Here you'll find the strange Oasis Bordello Museum, which is dedicated to the last cathouse in Wallace. It was open until 1988, when a raid forced the prostitutes to abandon the building, leaving it mostly intact. It was later purchased and preserved, so it looks as it did in the 1980s. The mannequins and 80s-tastic decor are pretty kitschy and the whole thing is fascinating, if not a touch bizarre. Once you reach Idaho, plan to spend some time in Wallace. It's an amazing little town that was also the primary filming location for the action film "Dante's Peak." One of the coolest places to visit in town is the Oasis Bordello Museum. This was a working brothel until it was abandoned in 1988, after it was raided by authorities. What makes it such a cool museum attraction today is that it was abandoned so quickly that most of the clothes and furniture was just left after the raid. And it's also rumored to be haunted! People say you can hear the sound of women talking in rooms that are completely empty and often times people also smell pipe smoke or perfume. The museum is open seven days, and admission is only $5.

0mi 00h 01m
Photo of Sierra Silver Mine Tour Inc

420 5th Street, Wallace, ID, US

Sierra Silver Mine Tour Inc

1mi 00h 04m
Photo of Pulaski Tunnel Trail

Forest Service Road 456, Wallace, ID, US

Pulaski Tunnel Trail

7mi 00h 15m
Photo of Sunshine Miners Memorial

Silver Valley Rd, Wallace, ID, US

Sunshine Miners Memorial

2mi 00h 05m

713 E Mullan Ave, Osburn, ID, US

Mom's Vintage Eatery

6mi 00h 13m
Photo of Sunshine Miner Family Statue

2227 Big Creek Rd, Kellogg, ID, US

Sunshine Miner Family Statue

5mi 00h 12m
Photo of Crystal Gold Mine

51931 Silver Valley Rd., Kellogg, ID, US

Crystal Gold Mine


Then it's onto Crystal Gold Mine in Kellogg. Regardless of what time of year you're road tripping across I-90, this is a fantastic stop. It was a working mine from 1879 until 1881, then it was closed and forgotten until 1991. In 1996 it opened as a historical tourist attraction. You can take an underground tour here, learn all about the late 19th century mining methods and experience what life was like for miners in Silver Valley.

10mi 00h 14m

1480 Coeur D'alene River Rd, ID, US

The Snake Pit In Enaville, Idaho

5mi 00h 09m
Photo of Old Mission State Park

31732 South Mission Road, Cataldo, ID, US

Old Mission State Park


Next, head to Old Mission State Park to see the oldest building in Idaho. The Mission of the Sacred Heart was built in 1850 and is a fantastic place to learn about the history of the area, from its first tribal inhabitants to the Jesuit missionaries that later settled there. There's a visitor center and gift shop onsite, and it's close to the Trail of the Coeur d' Alenes, one of America's most amazing bike trails, in case you've brought your bicycle on your road trip. If you keep going for a few more miles along I-90, you'll reach Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. This Idaho city is filled with natural beauty, which you can experience at Tubbs Hill Nature Park. Enjoy a nice meal and some local beers at Crafted Taphouse and Kitchen, or get the perfect breakfast at The Garnet Cafe. And as for hotels in Coeur d'Alene, spots like the Roosevelt Inn, Coeur d'Alene Resort and the Greenbrier Inn are excellent options.

Photo of Silverwood Theme Park

26225 N Highway 95, Athol, ID, US

Silverwood Theme Park

From twisting roller coasters and gut-wrenching drop rides to bumper cars and train rides, Silverwood Theme Park in Athol, ID is an old-school theme park that definitely brings fun for all ages. Also, they have a waterpark with a lazy river that has a bar right in it!

25mi 00h 31m

523 E Sherman Ave, Coeur d'Alene, ID, US

Crafted Taphouse & Kitchen


Locally-sourced gourmet pub grub and loads of beers are two great reasons to grab a bite at Crafted Taphouse and Kitchen in Coeur d'Alene. But you'll definitely want to stay for the turtle races. The prize for betting correctly on the race? $1 beers!

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