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The Definitive Guide to Every Awesome Attraction Along I-70

There's tons to see and do between Utah and Baltimore!

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Created by melissa.zaccarelli - June 4th 2016

If you've ever traveled east-west across the middle of the country, then you're probably familiar with Interstate 70. Stretching from Cove Fort, UT to Baltimore, MD, it traverses the Midwest and West of America. Not only does the route take you through tons of beautiful states, from wild and wonderful West Virginia to the rolling plains of Kansas to the rocky mountains of Colorado, but you also get the chance to pass through cities like Denver, Kansas City, St. Louis, Indianapolis, Columbus, and (of course) Baltimore. Whether you're just taking I-70 for a brief period on your way somewhere else, or you'll be taking it for longer stretches, this guide to the coolest attractions along the way will definitely be useful.

The eastern end of the interstate is at a park and ride outside of Baltimore. Take at least a few hours to explore B'more. It's got harbor views, more monuments per capita than any other state, and tons of offbeat attractions. Fort McHenry and the American Visionary Art Museum and the Edgar Allan Poe House and Museum. Oh, and make sure to enjoy some crab, fresh from the Chesapeake!

26mi 00h 32m
Photo of Baldwin's Station

7618 Main St, Sykesville, MD, US

Baldwin's Station


Stop by this historic rail-station-turned-restaurant for a quick snack and a drink, or a full meal. Baldwin's Station is a main attraction in the cute little town of Sykesville, so stroll down their Main Street before or after stopping at the restaurant. The menu offers casual lunch fare (sandwiches and burgers), and classy dinners, along with a full bar. They also do murder mystery party nights and host live music as well!

27mi 00h 30m

48 E Patrick St, Frederick, MD, US

National Museum of Civil War Medicine


In Frederick, you can visit one of the country's most intriguing little museums. The National Museum of Civil War Medicine isn't for the faint of heart, but it's a fascinating look at a major historical event through a lens that we often don't think much about: medicine. The Civil War was known for being bloody, and not just because of the battles. Medicine was, in many ways, advancing rapidly during the war, and in other ways, it was still gruesome and primitive. You'll leave with a new perspective and appreciation for the doctors of the Civil War!

40mi 00h 43m
Photo of Fort Frederick State Park

11100 Fort Frederick Rd, Big Pool, MD, US

Fort Frederick State Park


A visit to Fort Frederick State Park takes you even further back in history, to the French and Indian War and the American Revolution. Explore the 18th century fort, much of which has been reconstructed, take a guided tour, examine exhibits on the region's history, or even fish on the park's Big Pool Lake, and enjoy the hiking and nature trails!

50mi 00h 50m

13 Canal St, Cumberland, MD, US

Western Maryland Scenic Railroad


Hop out of the car and try out a different mode of transportation! The Western Maryland Scenic Railroad offers relaxing, 2 1/2 hour round trip tours through the Allegheny Mountains. It's especially beautiful during the fall, when the leaves are changing colors, and they occasionally offer themed tours as well!

57mi 01h 11m
Photo of Fallingwater

1491 Mill Run Road, Mill Run, PA, US



The route passes near Fallingwater one of America's most iconic houses, so stop off to tour the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed gem. The views from inside the house are only matched by the views of the house itself, and the guided tours and historic exhibit provide lots of insight into why Fallingwater has become so famous. Bonus: if you're more into hidden gems, another Frank Lloyd Wright home, Kentuck Knob, is also nearby and open to the public.


via Water St

14mi 00h 18m
Photo of The Coffee Pot

108 Telegraph Rd, Bedford, PA, US

The Coffee Pot


This coffee pot-shaped building is roadside kitsch at its finest! Opened in 1927 as a lunch and snack stand, it no longer serves food, but luckily, it's still standing as a cute and quirky little photo op.

72mi 01h 26m
Photo of Palace of Gold

3759 McCreary's Ridge Rd, Moundsville, WV, US

Palace of Gold


America's Taj Mahal is in... West Virginia? The Palace of Gold, located at New Vrindaban, a Hare Krishna community, is an opulently-decorated memorial to former leader A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Pradhupada. You can tour the building, bedecked with semi-precious stones and gold leaf, as well as the grounds, which feature gardens, fountains, and even wild peacocks. Enjoy lunch at the onsite Indian restaurant, and even stay the night in a cabin!

Photo of The John & Annie Glenn Historic Site

72 W. Main Street, New Concord, OH, US

The John & Annie Glenn Historic Site

This cute little home is the former residence of astronaut John Glenn, the first man to orbit the Earth. The John & Annie Glenn Historic Site, in the small town of New Concord, OH, provides a look into the life of John Glenn before he began training to be launched into orbit. Plus, it pays just as much tribute to his awesome wife, Annie, who held down the home during the Great Depression and WWII, as it does to him!

Ohio's capital city, Columbus, has plenty to see and do! Visit the statehouse or the Columbus Zoo, or poke around the shops and restaurants in the quaint German Village or the Trendy Short North. Plus, Columbus is home to one of the country's largest colleges, THE Ohio State University, so there's always something interesting happening.

75 Water St, Clifton, OH, US

Clifton Mill

The historic village of Clifton Mill is the perfect place to stretch your legs. Hop out, explore the inner workings of the 19th century grist mill, stroll across the covered bridge, take in views of the waterfall, and stock up on snacks at the 1940's gas station. There's also an onsite restaurant that serves up an exceptionally tasty home-style breakfast!

309 N 8th St, Richmond, IN, US

Model T Museum

You're on a road trip, so why not stop by the Model T Museum in Richmond, Indiana to learn more about the history of the automobile! Here, you'll find loads of vintage cars and car-related memorabilia, and enthusiastic and knowledgeable docents who can shed more light on the interesting exhibits.

Whether the Indianapolis Motor Speedway gets your engine going, or you're more interested in the epic Children's Museum, Indianapolis is a pretty cool city. The NCAA Champions Hall of Fame and White River State Park are also lesser-known spots worth hitting up while exploring Indy. Plus, the city's foodie scene is on the up-and-up, so dig around for some really great eats as well!

Photo of Cataract Falls

N. Cataract Road and Owen Park Rd, Spencer, IN, US

Cataract Falls

A quaint covered bridge atop a babbling waterfall? Sounds like the perfect spot fora picnic or a quick walk! Cataract Falls State Recreation Area is all lovely scenery and peaceful nature, perfect for a quick breather while traveling along.

Photo of Clabber Girl Museum

900 Wabash Ave, Terre Haute, IN, US

Clabber Girl Museum

Most people probably don't think too much about their baking powder when cooking, but the most popular and iconic brand, Clabber Girl, actually has an interesting past. Stop by the Clabber Girl Museum and Restaurant to look at vintage memorabilia, learn about the brand's history as well as the history of the city of Terre Haute, and enjoy some delicious treats (get a biscuit or a cinnamon roll!) It's a cute, quick little stop.

1901 W Evergreen Ave, Effingham, IL, US

Heartland Classics

Go beyond the Model T Museum at Effingham, IL's Heartland Classics, which features a rad collection of corvettes and muscle cars. Plus, most are for sale, if you're looking to upgrade your ride mid-road trip. Otherwise, you can just drool over their selection.

Photo of Kaskaskia Dragon

Rock Island Ave, Vandalia, IL, US

Kaskaskia Dragon

The Kaskaskia Dragon is a classic roadside attraction. Originally made for a parade float, the dragon has been placed alongside the road to entertain and amuse passersby. While it makes for a great photo op, make sure to go into the liquor store across the street to buy a "Dragon Coin", which you can drop into a box next to the beast and make it breathe fire!

557mi 08h 50m

The next major city you'll hit is Saint Louis. Located on the banks of the Mighty Mississippi, this city is famed for its iconic Gateway Arch, delicious BBQ, brewing history, and Midwestern friendliness. Get lost in the "phantasmagorical wonderland" that is the City Museum, sample local beers from Schlafly, devour ribs from Pappy's Smokehouse, and catch a baseball game at Busch Stadium!

42mi 00h 49m
Photo of The Historic Daniel Boone Home & Heritage Center

1868 Highway F, Defiance, MO, US

The Historic Daniel Boone Home & Heritage Center


As you explore I-70, pay tribute to another famous American explorer at the Historic Daniel Boone Home & Heritage Center. Tour the home where legendary frontiersman Daniel Boone lived and died, and explore the little historic village around the property. Take the guided tour to see inside all of the buildings and learn about life in 19th century Missouri!

96mi 01h 38m

Columbia, MO is home to the University of Missouri, which means tons of cool college culture. Explore the Museum of Art and Archaeology for some refined culture, or catch an indie rock show at The Blue Note. End your day with a stay at the Tiger Hotel, a boutique hotel with a rad 1930's cafe and patio/outdoor live music venue!

I-70's unique route takes you right past some of the coolest hidden gems and iconic attractions in America. Whether you're on the highway out of necessity, or you're just seeing where the road takes you, you don't have to go too far off the route to find awesome things to see and do!