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Texas Essential Info


Everything is bigger in Texas- including the adventure! Wander down the San Antonio River Walk, remember (to visit) the Alamo, help keep Austin weird by supporting their quirky local shops and restaurants, find a ghost town to explore, or sleep under the stars at The Lone Star State's magical Big Bend National Park.


Best Time To Go

Apr-May, Sep-Nov

Current Weather

77 °F

Mostly Clear

Fun Facts

  1. Texas has two official state peppers: jalapeno and chiltepin.
  2. The first-ever frozen margarita machine was invented in Texas.
  3. The Texas state small mammal is the nine-banded armadillo.
  4. The fastest road in the country is in Austin, Texas, with a speed limit of 85 mph.
  5. 70% of the population of Texas lives within 200 miles of Austin.

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