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Maryland Essential Info


It's impossible to be crabby while visiting- there's tons to do! From the infamous Civil War battlefield at Antietam to quaint Kent Island to the city of Baltimore, rich in history- and if you eat one thing while in Maryland, make it Chesapeake blue crab, fresh from the Bay!


Best Time To Go

May-Jun, Sep-Oct

Current Weather

38 °F


Fun Facts

  1. The first school in the United States, King Williams School was opened in 1695 in Maryland.
  2. The second longest continuous truss bridge in the nation, the 1,200 foot Francis Scott Key Bridge, is located in Maryland.
  3. The state gave up some of its land to form Washington D.C.
  4. Annapolis, Maryland, once served as the capital of the United States.
  5. The state is the national leaders in the production of blue crabs and soft clams.

Popular Foods