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Welcome to the World's Largest Lady's Leg Sundial!

Nestled in a year-round charming offbeat holiday resort.

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Created by Tatiana Danger - January 6th 2017

I rolled into Sun Aura Resort after being guided there by a very peculiar roadside attraction I had heard about: the Giant Lady's Leg Sundial. This offbeat attraction is allegedly located on-site, and boy did she look like a beauty. But, more on that in a sec. What I first noticed on my approach to the resort was that there wasn't too much signage that advertised the resort, or the sundial for that matter. So, I followed my GPS, took a left, and lo and behold the Sun Aura Resort sign greeted me. What I wasn't prepared for were some warning signs stating: "Visitors welcomed at the discretion of management." So, I parked then walked into what I assumed was the clubhouse, a smoky room with half a dozen people lounging about, including an older lady wrapped up in a long 1980s-style fur coat, and it was then that I realized what the place was all about...this was a clothing-optional resort.

3449 East State Road #10, Lake Village, IN, US

Sun Aura Resort

Sun Aura has been a nudist/clothing optional resort since the 1930s, and boasts a "long rich history as well as a diverse membership." I met the owner and he was a very friendly guy, who looked slightly confused that I had brought my 2-year old son with me. But, I politely asked if there was in fact a large lady's leg sundial on-site, and if so, could we get a picture? He nodded and said, of course.

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Photo of Giant Lady's Leg Sundial

3449 E. State Rd 10, Lake Village, IN, US

Giant Lady's Leg Sundial

Sun Aura is located in Northern Indiana, a little over an hour outside of Chicago. It's 300 acres of lush forests, a heart-shaped lake, and an Olympic-sized swimming pool (the swimming pool and jacuzzi are the only places where one must be nude, everywhere else is clothing-optional. The resort is open year-round and frequently hosts dances, and themed parties. During Halloween, they even have a haunted house.

But, in the end, we got to see what we came here for, the World's Largest Lady's Leg Sundial. I believe it's meant to evoke memories of burlesque shows of days gone by...Well, I don't know about that, but I do know that Bruce loved it.

Tatiana Danger

Roadtrippers co-founder. When I grow up I'm going to be Indiana Jones or a professional pizza tester. Current Status: Mom to Bruce and Nina.