Mount Rushmore, South Dakota, United States Trip

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Created by Jon - August 3rd 2016

Loveland, Ohio, United States

Photo of Ronald Reagan Museum

300 E College Ave, Eureka, IL, US

Ronald Reagan Museum

Photo of Rooster in a Top Hat

815 E Camp St E, Peoria, IL, US

Rooster in a Top Hat

115 Davenport St, Le Claire, IA, US

Antique Archaeology (American Pickers)

755 W Iowa 80 Rd, Walcott, IA, US

Iowa 80 Truck Stop

Photo of Jolly Green Giant Statue

1126 Green Giant Ln, Blue Earth, MN, US

Jolly Green Giant Statue

Photo of Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum

330 8th Street, Walnut Grove, MN, US

Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum

510 Main St, Wall, SD, US

Wall Drug Store

Photo of Mount Rushmore

13000 SD Highway 244, Keystone, SD, US

Mount Rushmore

117 Main St, Hill City, SD, US

Black Hills Institute of Geological Research

24545 Cottonwood Rd, Philip, SD, US

Minuteman Missile National Historic Site

Photo of Telstar Mustang-Shelby-Cobra Museum

1330 South Kimball Street, Mitchell, SD, US

Telstar Mustang-Shelby-Cobra Museum

Hwy 22, Riverside, IA, US

Future Birthplace of James T. Kirk

314 West Washington Street, Greensburg, IN, US

Greensburg's Famous Tower Tree

76mi 01h 17m

Loveland, Ohio, United States