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Get Weird With The Offbeat Guide To St. Louis

Zombie Roads, giant eyeballs, and pig snouts!

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Created by Roadtrippers - June 3rd 2016

If you've already been to the Gateway Arch, the Saint Louis Zoo, and the Botanical Garden, why not turn your visit to St. Louis into an offbeat adventure with our guide to the weirdest stuff in Mound City?

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Just outside of the city limits is the Mastodon State Historic Site, where guests can picnic in a spot that was once completely surrounded by the bones of 14,000 year-old mastodons that provided the very first evidence that humans coexisted with the massive monsters.

Tip: Be sure to visit the on-site museum, where you can see bones of the prehistoric beasts on display, learn about the discoveries, and even see a giant ground sloth!

Rock Hollow Trail

Rock Hollow Trail, most famously known as Zombie Road, is a 2.3 mile stretch of railroad that is the site of one of the largest Native American burial mounds in the country.

Once used by the Army during the Civil War, Zombie Road is a notoriously strange place with an even stranger urban legend attached to it. According to the legend, curious visitors have claimed to have seen actual zombies lumbering along the trail in the dead of night. Only the bravest need apply!

Laumeier Sculpture Park & Museum is a perfect place for an afternoon picnic, stroll, or just a way to get away from the busy city. The public park is home to a handful of seriously strange, silly, and awesome sculptures which include everyone's favorites like the giant eyeball, the tires, and the climbable enormous red shapes... and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Tip: The sculpture park is dog-friendly so you don't have to leave Fido behind!

The Green Shag Market

The Green Shag Market is probably St. Louis' most loved flea market. It's a mix between an antique store and a thrift shop, but with garage sale prices!

Tip: It's usually quite busy, so expect a full parking lot. Don't worry, the deals are worth fighting the crowds for.

The St. Louis Science Center is an insanely fun way to spend the day, and they lay claim to arguably the best photo op in the city: a gigantic dinosaur that roars and devours its prey!

Don't leave without seeing the enclosed walkway between the two parts of the museum, which lets you peep the cars speeding across the I-64. The best part? They even have radar guns so you can clock the motorists as they go!

Tip: Admission to the center is free!

Connelly's Goody Goody Diner

Connelly's Goody Good Diner is one of the only places in the city where you can order something from the breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus at any time of the day. They've got something to satisfy pretty much anyone, in fact they've even got something called the 'Hobo Breakfast Bowl', that has more eggs and hash browns then you can shake a bindle at. That's one of those stick things that hobos carry.

Tip: The most requested item on the menu is without a doubt the Chicken and Waffles. Try it and you'll see why.

Children's Dental Theatre

Everyone hates going to the dentist, especially kids. Luckily, the Children's Dental Theater is trying to change that. The dentist office/theater is home to the world's largest set of chompers that actually light-up when brushed by a 6-foot-long toothbrush. They host shows starring an animatronic toucan that help kids understand the importance of dental hygiene.

Tip: This place is an actual dentists office, so you might as well schedule your kid's cleaning while you're here. The theater acts as a waiting room!


St. Louis, MO

Inside the Shrine of St. Joseph is one of St. Louis' strangest sights. The Altar of Answered Prayers was created in 1866 during a massive cholera epidemic, when parishioners believed they were spared sickness due to a promise the entire church made to St. Joseph himself. To date, it's the only Vatican-verified miracle to have occurred in the Midwest, making this one of the weirdest places in St. Louis, if not America.

Smoki O's Bar B Que

Smoki O's is one of the city's top BBQ joints for one reason: Snoots. I'm sure you're probably wondering what exactly snoots are, and in short, they're pig snouts that have been cured overnight, seasoned, and grilled into perfection. Just trust us, they taste way better than they sound.

Tip: Don't worry, vegetarians, there's still plenty of greens, mac & cheese, and slaw for you to fill up on!

Laclede's Landing Wax Museum

Laclede's Landing Wax Museum has a little bit of something for everyone. If you love sci-fi, you can see a life-sized wax R2D2, or if you're all about horror you can take some selfies with with the Predator himself. They've got pretty much every genre covered, from movies, to sports, to famous monsters.

Tip: Expect a pretty disorganized mess of wax political figures, famous fictional characters, and monsters. If that still sounds good, you're going to have a blast!

St. Louis, MO

The best way to describe the St. Louis City Museum would be “artistic and trippy grown-up-friendly Discovery Zone” (or ”surrealistic and classy McDonald’s Play Place on speed” for those who don’t get my Discovery Zone reference). They like to use the phrase "phantasmagorical wonderland", which sums up how mystifying and awesome the place is pretty well.

The City Museum is easily one of the coolest places to spend an entire afternoon. It's 600,000 square feet of funhouses, found object exhibits, playgrounds, and architectural marvels, all housed inside the former International Shoe Company (just don't expect to find a map to anything inside.)

It's 100% kid friendly, but they cater really well to adults too. There’s several concession stands that serve beer (including local craft brews like drinks from Schlafly Taproom) located randomly throughout the museum... since nothing gets you feeling more like a kid than enjoying a few beers.

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If you're looking to add some offbeat to your trip, don't worry... because St. Louis brings the weird. Add a few locations to your itinerary, or heck, add them all to your trip and have a wonderfully weird adventure!


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