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These are the coolest secrets of Disney's Magic Kingdom

Here's what goes on behind Cinderella's closed doors...

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Created by Roadtrippers - June 2nd 2016

Every year the Magic Kingdom Park in Walt Disney World welcomes over 17 million visitors from all over the world. But, what goes on behind Cinderella's closed doors... Here we reveal the best-kept secrets of the Magic Kingdom.

1180 Seven Seas Dr, Lake Buena Vista, FL, US

Magic Kingdom Park

Everyone's a celebrity at the Magic Kingdom! The reason the walkway in the Magic Kingdom is red is because Mr. Walt Disney himself wanted every guest to feel like a celebrity when they arrived. So, he laid out the red carpet for them.

Also, there are loads of hidden Mickeys all over the park. They're hidden in cement and make for a pretty fun "Who can spot it first" game. (HINT: There are several in the "Carousel of Progress.")

All of the flags on Main Street have LESS than 50 stars! Yup, count 'em. The reason? Because if Walt had used flags with 50 stars it would mean he'd have to take down the flags in bad weather. Also, on Main Street there's an actual barber shop. Perfect place for a photo op while your little ones get a bit of a makeover.

And there's an epic suite in Cinderella's Castle that was built exclusively for Walt and his family. However, Walt and his family never got to spend time there, it was in the original plans that it would be their apartment. Today, you can't even book it, and it's only available to VIPs, contest winners, and special park guests. You can't even tour it, it's that secret.

Speaking of Cinderella's Castle, behind it is the Sword in the Stone. Many people just walk right past it.

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1180 Seven Seas Dr, Lake Buena Vista, FL, US

Pirates Of The Caribbean


Smellitizers. There are "Smellitizers" throughout the park that emit various smells to accompany the experience. For instance at the Haunted Mansion, there's a musty smell, salty sea air at the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, and on Main Street you'll smell baked goods and vanilla scents.

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Magic Kingdom, Bay Lake, FL, US



Secret Tunnels! Frontierland and Tomorrowland cast members use secret subterranean tunnels underneath the Magic Kingdom so that you'll never see a Tomorrowland character in Frontierland. Helps maintain the magical illusion of the most magical place on earth. You can actually tour these on the "Backstage Magic Tour." But this is reserved for guests 16 and older.

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1180 Seven Seas Dr, Orlando, FL, US

Liberty Square Riverboat


Take the wheel of the Liberty Square Riverboat. When you board the Liberty Square Riverboat ask if you can join the Captain in the Wheelhouse. If you're granted permission you'll get the chance to experience a rare opportunity. When you enter the Captain's Quarters and go up to the Wheelhouse you can actually pilot the boat.

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1180 Seven Seas Dr, FL, US

The Hall Of Presidents


That time Disney needed an Act of Congress... When Walt Disney wanted to install the Great Seal of the United States in the Hall of Presidents it took an act of Congress to approve it. The only three seals are in the Oval Office itself, in the hall where the Liberty Bell is held, and in Disney World's Hall of Presidents.

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Photo of Haunted Wedding Ring

at Disney's Haunted Mansion, Lake Buena Vista, FL, US

Haunted Wedding Ring


A wedding ring embedded in the pavement. Look closely for the Haunted Wedding Ring embedded in the pavement around the Haunted Mansion. Although sometimes removed, this has become a fan-favorite to search for. Back in the day, the exit for the Haunted Mansion used to be through a turnstile that let guests off at Liberty Square. When the turnstile was removed, a bit of the machinery was left in the ground. Many people thought it resembled a wedding ring, and a legend was born.

After the ring was finally paved over fans became upset. Over the years the fake ring became a popular spot for people to propose. Little did they know they were proposing to their loved ones over a piece of broken pipe. But, whatever, love is silly. Anyhow, because it was such a fun little Easter Egg to find when visiting. So, the Disney Imagineers decided to add an official haunted ring to the ride. The only problem, you have to find it. But, don't worry Disney cast members are totally happy to help you find the haunted mansion wedding ring!

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1180 Seven Seas Dr, Lake Buena Vista, FL, US

Cinderella's Royal Table


The best view of Tinkerbell lighting up Cinderella's Castle is at the Plaza restaurant. Look for the wire that Tink will fly down and sit below it and you'll get an amazing view. However, if you don't feel like watching Tink light up the castle. I recommend setting up camp behind the castle for the firework show. Less crowds, but still a fabulous sight. Though some people have pointed out there's sometimes debris from the fireworks. I've watched the show from behind the castle, and it's still a great experience. For a truly memorable evening, reserve a seat at Cinderella's Royal Table for dinner. (BONUS: You may even see someone propose. It's one of the most popular places in the park to pop the question to that special someone.)

As you walk away from Cinderella's Castle, you'll notice that the bricks go from large to small, bottom to top. This is called "Forced Perspective" and it allows you to see the castle as being much taller than it actually is. However, the reason Walt had to stop building the castle was because if it went over 189 feet, he'd have to put a blinking red light on it to comply with aviation regulations.

And don't miss the "Kiss Goodnight Show." This happens about a half hour after all the rides close!

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Photo of Walt Disney World

3450 N World Dr, Bay Lake, FL, US

Walt Disney World

Walt Disney hated trash. So, there are trash cans every 30 feet. Everywhere. When Walt Disney was researching other theme parks he counted how many steps a person would take to find a trash can before just tossing their garbage on the ground, and 30 was the lucky number. Trash is also shot 60 mph through tons of small pneumatic pipes all over the Magic Kingdom. This is where it's sorted and recycled. That's why it looks so pretty and clean all the time. Also, there's no gum sold anywhere in Walt Disney World.

And the Magic Kingdom parking lot is big enough to fit the entire Disneyland theme park. And it still has extra space.

The ashes of dead people are allegedly scattered throughout the park. Yup, it's been reported that people spread ashes of actual deceased loved ones at the Haunted Mansion, and from rides throughout the park, even though this practice is discouraged by Disney World.


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