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Created by Roadtrippers - June 2nd 2016

Let’s be honest, everyone wanted a treehouse as a kid. Unfortunately for our inner child, there are just some modern amenities that your traditional treehouse can’t provide. Luckily, some hotels have started to catch on. Here is a list of the top treehouse hotels in North America.

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Issaquah, WA

A few miles outside of Seattle is Treehouse Point. This hotel is tucked away in the rich green woods and is perfect for remembering that there is more to life than a solid Internet connection. There are five different houses to choose from and each one is handmade and absolutely gorgeous. It’s the perfect location for hiking or sitting back with a good book. If hiking isn’t really your thing, Treehouse Point offers massages, yoga classes, and a workshop on building treehouses.


St. George, SC

These treehouses are located on the Edisto River and take full advantage of this by making each treehouse privately accessible by canoe. Of course, you are encouraged to take a canoe tour of the river, passing by wildlife refuges and enjoying the great outdoors. The Edisto River Treehouses have no electricity but they supply you with cooking fuel for a deck grill as well as candels and torches. The treehouses come in various sizes, making them perfect for a family vacation or a getaway for two.

River of Life Farm

With a wide variety of cabins to choose from ranging the family friendly to the romantic rendezvous point, there is a treehouse for every taste at the River of Life farm. This fishing lodge is a rustic oasis in the Ozarks. This lodge has every activity that you could want to do. Canoeing, fishing, hiking, and bird watching are just a few of the things you could do before coming home to your cozy cabin.

Big Sur, CA

If the average treehouse is just a bit too rustic for you then consider the tree house rooms at Post Ranch Inn. These tree houses are full of beautiful touches. The bathrooms are granite and include the perfect tub to relax in. The views from your room, nine feet off the ground, are breathtaking. They have even added skylights above the bed to make stargazing easy, romantic, and comfortable. The Inn itself has a spa and an award winning restaurant that overlooks the Pacific Ocean.

Imagine being able to vacation not just to another place, but to another time-- the Summer of Love. Swallowtail Studios lets you do just that with their picture-perfect treehouse cabins. There are three rentals on the property: The first is a multi-level treehouse cabin built 30 feet up in a giant eucalyptus tree. Trunks come up through the floors and into the ceilings in some rooms, and it's got not one, but three decks that offer panoramic views of the horse farm and vineyards next door. The other treehouse is known as "Magic Grove", and it, like the first one, is built into a eucalyptus tree with decks and trunks winding through. This one has vintage windows and French doors and, of course, stunning views. There's also a cabin called the "Top of the Taj Mahal", which looks incredibly cozy. If you aren't feeling like you want to climb a 30-foot ladder every time you want to go to your room, but you still want a gorgeous and rustic retreat, then the cabin is the perfect option. Also, it has indoor plumbing, which is always a bonus. The treehouses only have chemical toilets (in private rooms, of course) although you can find a more luxurious bathroom, complete with showers, in the barn.

As if the fact that you're staying in a beautiful treehouse isn't enough, then get a load of the property's hippie history-- it used to be home to a cooperative of glassblowers known as Swallowtail Studios, which shouldn't be too much of a surprise, given the lovely stained glass windows in the treehouses and the redwood barn. The barn also has another claim to fame: the Grateful Dead practiced there! Their manager lived down the road from the studio and the band could often be found hanging out and making music. It doesn't get much more authentic than that!


Cave Junction, OR

This Bed and Breakfast has the best of both worlds. The treehouses are beautifully ambitious, featuring cabins with detached porches and three levels. When you aren’t busy enjoying your cabin, the treesort offers horse back riding, zip-lining and arts and crafts in case all of the communing with nature has nurtured your creative spirit.

Cedar Creek Treehouse at Mt. Rainier

This is not the tree house for the faint of heart. Your cabin is fifty feet in the air with an almost unrestricted view of Mt. Rainier. This bed and breakfast is eco-friendly and has an observatory that is 100 feet above ground and sitting in a fir tree. Needless to say, the views are spectacular and staying at Cedar Creek is going to be an experience that you wont soon forget.

Suspended up in the trees, these spheres are held in place by rope webbing and gently sway in the wind. This is for the nature lover who wants something a bit different. They are made to face away from other spheres, putting the focus on the wild life around you, not your neighbor. Be warned, there is no shower and an outhouse is stationed at the bottom of the trees. These treehouse spheres are set amongst the lush Pacific Northwest rainforest. This is an adults-only retreat, so no need to worry about little kids running around messing with your romantic vibe. This retreat is open all year long, and is especially cozy in snowy winters.

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