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The Ultimate Ghost Guide to Seattle

Trolls, haunted theaters, and markets. You're in paranormal Seattle!

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Created by Planet Weird - June 1st 2016

Seattle might be famous for its 90s music scene, coffee, and constant rain, but there's something you might not know about S-Town... it's insanely haunted. If you're headed to the West to spend a few days exploring the markets, coffee shops, and museums, why not add a few of these spooky stops to your vacay and have a paranormal adventure?

Photo of Sorrento Hotel

900 Madison St, Seattle, WA, US

Sorrento Hotel


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Nicknamed the "World's Most Haunted Hotel," the Sorrento Hotel has been keeping the neighborhood spooky since 1909, when it was built. The hotel is rumored to be haunted by the ghost of Alice B. Toklas, the eccentric inspiration behind Gertrude Stein's novel "The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas."

Over the years guests have had experiences with the ghost of Toklas on the fourth floor of the hotel, specifically in room 408. She's often heard wandering around the room at night, her boots clicking loudly on the floor, even though there is no one visible. Often times glasses at the hotel bar will move by themselves, and in most cases it's accredited to the hotel's famous supernatural guest.

Tip: Alice also likes to spend her time at the hotel's Hunt Bar, where she pokes guests in the back while they wait for their table.

1207 Pine St, Seattle, WA, US

The Baltic Room

Seattle's famous nightclub The Baltic Room is believed to be home to not one, but two spirits. The couple (who often appear to guests as a luxuriously dressed 30s duo) are often experienced in the balcony area, where both are spotted looking down at the piano.

Tip: In the ladies' restroom there is a charcoal drawing of the ghostly woman that the staff say appeared one day without any explanation.

4006 University Way NE, Seattle, WA, US

College Inn


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Originally built in 1909, the College Inn has been a favorite hotel and pub for both the living and the dead. The most famous spirit hanging around the Collage Inn is a fisherman named Howard Bok. Howard stopped at the inn on his way to Alaska to fish and mine for gold; unfortunately he didn't make it back. While staying at the hotel, Howard spent most of his time in the basement bar, where he's most often spotted today. His boisterous laugh has been heard by both guests and staff emanating from the basement. Howard's favorite time to make himself known is right before sunrise, when he been known to play the piano.

Tip: Howard even has his own menu item! For $5.50, you can get yourself the Howard's Special, aka a pint of PBR and a bagel dog.

Fremont Way N, Seattle, WA, US

The Fremont Troll

Created in 1990, Seattle's Fremont Troll is easily one of the city's most recognized landmarks, but what you might not know is that it's also supposedly haunted. The unnamed ghost who is said to haunt the underpass often moves garbage cans around the street at night while amazed eye-witnesses watch. Over the years the troll has also been the sight of some bizarre rituals. Police were recently called to the statue, only to find a collection of freshly-skinned animal heads laying in a ritual-style pattern. Yikes.

Tip: While you're in Fremont, take the time to wander around and you'll find many of the other public art projects that makes his neighborhood famous.

405 Olive Way, Seattle, WA, US

Mayflower Park Hotel


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Since 1927, the Mayflower Park Hotel has been at the heart of Seattle. The most famous ghost haunting the hotel has been nicknamed the "Greeter". He's often seen wearing a top hat, and wandering the lobby of the hotel, waving at guests before disappearing completely into thin air.

Tip: If you're looking to double your chances of having a paranormal experience, book room 1120... if you're brave enough. Haunted by "The Man", many guests can't even last the entire night and will often request another room.

Photo of Hotel Andra

2000 4th Ave, Seattle, WA, US

Hotel Andra


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The ghosts that haunt the Hotel Andra would like it to be known that just because you're dead doesn't mean you can't still throw a party. Built in 1929, the hotel is haunted by the famous Flapper Girl, who loves to stomp around on the 9th floor of the hotel. She's not the only supernatural guest who likes to make a scene. Another ghostly woman frequently spotted waring 30s style clothes, has, on more than one occasion snuck into bed with unsuspecting guests, only to disappear completely once she's spotted.

Tip: The Hotel Andra is only a 7 minute walk to the Pike Place Market, so you can grab some fresh coffee and fruit any time of day.

1932 2nd Ave, Seattle, WA, US

The Moore Theatre

The Moore Theatre has been featured on pretty much every paranormal television show in history. Not only is the Moore rumored to be the sight of one of Kurt Cobain's overdoses, it's also been linked to countless bizarre and paranormal experiences. The theatre's founder, Mr. Moore, is another of the ghosts said to still walk the halls, often leaving behind the powerful smell of cigar smoke. Listen for the sound of his loud boots on the hardwood floor.

Tip: The theatre's pub, The Lower Bar, is a great place to ask questions about the staff's personal experiences with the resident ghosts.

1916 Post Aly, Seattle, WA, US

Kells Irish Restaurant & Pub - Seattle

Kells Irish Restaurant & Pub was once the Butterworth & Sons mortuary on Post Alley... more specifically, the bar is located where the embalming and crematorium rooms once were. The mortuary was no stranger to handling tragic and sometimes violent deaths; many of the bodies they prepared were victims of mining accidents, drownings, diphtheria, horrible sanitation, and, of course, the everyday violence of early 1900s Seattle. So after 20 years of death, it’s no surprise that the building has developed quite the paranormal reputation.

Some of the most famous ghosts that are said to haunt Kells Irish Restaurant & Pub include the sprit of the Tall Man, described as having very long thin hands, and who disappears right before your eyes. Probably the most famous ghost at Kells Irish Pub, thoughm is named "Charlie." Even in death it seems he's still a fan of live music, because he's been seen by countless people wearing an “old-timey” hat and long black coat, and hanging about the bar and stage. More often than not, it’s the musicians who see his familiar dark shadows.

Tip: The bar is located inside the Pike Place Market, so expect it to be fairly busy most days.

Photo of Pike Place Market

85 Pike St, Seattle, WA, US

Pike Place Market

Since 1907, the Pike Place Market has been at the center of Seattle's historic district. Over the years, the market has been home to brothels, orphanages, and community graveyards, and because of that, it has become a home for many spirits. Even before Pike Place was created, the land on which the market is now situated was once a very sacred Suquamish and Duwamish Native American burial land.

Tip: If you're looking to have a paranormal experience for yourself, the most active ghost haunting the Pike Place Market is an unnamed Native American woman who is often spotted wearing a red handkerchief. She's seen walking the lower levels of the market in the morning, quietly humming to herself.

719 S King St, Seattle, WA, US

The Wing Luke Asian Museum

The ghost said to haunt The Wing Luke Asian Museum is not a fan of religious artifacts. A pair of invisible hands have, on more than one occasion, destroyed religious objects, even going so far as to smash the glass cases that held them into tiny pieces. The spirit that haunts the Wing Luke Asian Museum especially dislikes when the curators mix objects from different religions in the same display cases, and he takes it upon himself to dispose of them when the museum is closed.

5701 Airport Way S, Seattle, WA, US

Calamity Jane's

Formerly known as Calamity Jane's, The Flying Squirrel Pizza Company is one of the city's favorite 'za destinations... for both the living and the dead. The most famous ghost said to haunt Flying Squirrel Pizza Company is called "The Hat Man", named after his distinguishable bowler hat. He will often wait until the wee hours before making himself known by walking up to the bar and ordering a drink. Before the "Hat Man" has the chance to even take a sip, he disappears right before your eyes only to repeat the process a few days later.

Tip: Not only is every pizza they make fantastic, their drink menu is pretty awesome too. The blueberry sangria with vanilla, rosemary, and lemon is an absolute must-try.

Photo of Seattle Underground Tunnels

608 First Avenue, Seattle, WA, US

Seattle Underground Tunnels

You might not know that the Seattle you visit today is actually built on top of the city's original streets and storefronts, and on the stellar Seattle Underground Tunnels Tour, you can roam the subterranean passages that few ever get to see. Many of the tour begin inside Doc Maynard’s Public House, a restored 1890s saloon, before taking you deep beneath the current roadways to see the former home of Seattle's pioneers. The two most active areas of the underground are the bank vault and the prostitute walkway. Countless visitors have had paranormal experiences while taking the tours, hearing the sounds of disembodied voices and even feeling invisible hands touching them on the shoulders.

Tip: The fan favorite tour Spooked In Seattle Tours & Museum takes guests on a ghost hunt of the tunnels, and also spends some time exploring the city's famous paranormal museum.

Having been a part of so much history, Seattle is bound to be a ghost magnet. From its haunted underground, hotels, and markets, there's a paranormal adventure around ever corner. Happy Hunting!

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