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Border to Border: Essential road trip stops along I-5

The places to see off I-5 exits between California and Washington

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Created by Roadtrippers - May 13th 2016

Interstate 5 is the main highway of America's West Coast, running parallel to the Pacific Ocean and U.S. Route 99, from Mexico to Canada. The major states I-5 goes through include California, Oregon and Washington. It runs through some pretty cool cities too: Seattle, Portland, Sacramento, Los Angeles, and San Diego. It also happens to be the only continuous Interstate highway to touch the borders of both Canada and Mexico. These are a few of the best stops along I-5!

Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico

Since I-5 is the only border-to-border highway that actually touches both Mexico and Canada, if you're feeling really adventurous, you can start in Tijuana, Mexico.

22mi 00h 36m

1549 El Prado, San Diego, CA, US

Balboa Park


I-5 then takes you into San Diego. You could literally spend days exploring San Diego since there are so many things to do here, but the one must-see attraction in the city is Balboa Park. San Diego's natural history museum, air and space museum, zoo, science center, and art museums can be found set among the gardens here...and that's just naming a few attractions you an check out. It's worth at least visiting their legendary zoo or the Automotive Museum!

And if you need a hotel in San Diego, look into the Manchester Grand Hyatt, the Hotel del Coronado, or The US Grant.

31mi 00h 44m

7201 Carlsbad Blvd., Carlsbad, CA, US

South Carlsbad State Beach


Surfing, fishing, camping and beach access for day-use visitors make South Carlsbad State Beach a great place to spend some time. If you can, stay to watch the sun set over the water: there's nothing quite like it.

38mi 00h 55m
Photo of Mission San Juan Capistrano

31520 Camino Capistrano, San Juan Capistrano, CA, US

Mission San Juan Capistrano


Next pay a visit to Mission San Juan Capistrano. The history of Spanish missionaries coming to California is important, and also sobering; there are 2,000 inhabitants of this 18th-century mission buried in unmarked graves, mostly Native Americans. The ruins of the old stone building are also quite fascinating to see.

29mi 00h 41m
Photo of Disneyland

S Harbour Blvd, Anaheim, CA, US



Since you're driving right by along I-5, why not stop at Disneyland in Anaheim? A trip here won't be cheap, but it is the "Happiest Place on Earth." Plan out the things you really, really want to see, do and eat and familiarize yourself with the park beforehand to make the most of a day here!

27mi 00h 44m

1104 N Mission Rd, Los Angeles, CA, US

Skeletons in the Closet (Coroner's Gift Shop)


Skeletons in the Closet is one of the quirkiest and most morbid attractions in LA! What started out as a joke among staffers making fun of the morbid souvenirs sold at places dedicated to the part of LA's history when murder rates were at an all-time high spun off into a full-fledged shop selling toe-tag keychains, skull-shaped business card holders and other dark takes on kitsch. Just let the guys at the front desk know that you're there to do some shopping!

If you plan on spending the night here, there are loads of nice hotels in LA. Farmers Daughter Hotel, the W Los Angeles and the Georgian Hotel are among the many places to stay!


via Interstate 5 N

34mi 00h 45m

26101 Magic Mountain Pkwy, CA, US

Six Flags Magic Mountain


If Disney isn't really your scene, then you might be more into Six Flags Magic Mountain, also right off I-5! Here, it's all about the intense roller coasters. In fact, it has the most coasters of any theme park in the country. In addition, there are also thrill rides for those of all ages, and some water rides too.

35mi 00h 58m
Photo of Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve

15101 Lancaster Rd, Lancaster, CA, US

Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve


There's tons of natural beauty along I-5. Between late winter and early spring, Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve explodes with brightly-hued flowers, mostly poppies. Seven miles of trail make for awesome wildflower viewing, or for a good place to stretch your legs after long hours in the car.

124mi 02h 09m
Photo of Last Place James Dean Stopped

17191 Hwy 46, Lost Hills, CA, US

Last Place James Dean Stopped


If you're into James Dean, history, pop culture, or offbeat roadside attractions, the Last Place James Dean Stopped in Lost Hills fits the bill quite nicely. James Dean died at the young age of 24 in a car crash while driving in his famed "Little Bastard" Porsche Spyder not far from this gas station. There's a 50's themed diner and general store, all bedecked with the legendarily handsome actor's likeness.

99mi 02h 22m
Photo of New Idria Ghost Town

Coalinga, CA, US

New Idria Ghost Town


New Idria Ghost Town, built around a former mercury mine, was only abandoned in the 1970's so there are still nearly 100 buildings left, although they've been vandalized quite a bit. It's not as rustic as some ghost towns, but it's a cool place to stop and take some gritty pictures.

73mi 01h 46m
Photo of O'Neill Forebay Wildlife Area

Another nice place to stretch your legs is the O'Neill Forebay Wildlife Area in Gustline, CA. It's perfect for camping, or if you pick up some food, for a nice afternoon picnic. If you have time, you can also enjoy the swimming and boating here and at the other nearby reservoirs!

113mi 02h 08m

37783 County Rd 144, Clarksburg, CA, US

Bogle Vineyards and Winery


Or, another great place to picnic is Bogle Vineyards and Winery... and, as an added bonus, Bogle also gives you complimentary wine tastings in a serene vineyard setting. Their wines are known for being delicious and reasonably priced, so pick up a few bottles as a souvenir.

40mi 00h 56m

312 3rd St, Folsom, CA, US

Folsom Prison Museum


Whether you're a Johnny Cash fan or not (the singer famously played a show for the prisoners here in Folsom), you're sure to find the Folsom Prison Museum interesting. You can see inside an old cell, and look at handmade weapons crafted by the inmates at one of California's most notorious lockups.

24mi 00h 36m

1016 K St, Sacramento, CA, US

Dive Bar


Dive Bar in Sacramento is a kitschy spot featuring specialty drinks, beer, pub grub, and real, live mermaids! Okay, maybe they're not "real" mermaids, but the performers in full mermaid garb who put on shows in the massive tank make this place totally worth a visit.

Stay the night at the Citizen Hotel, the Sterling Hotel, the Inn off Capitol Park, or one of the other nice hotels in Sacramento.


via County Road 99W

44mi 00h 58m
Photo of National Yo-Yo Museum

320 Broadway St, Chico, CA, US

National Yo-Yo Museum


If you keep driving up I-5, you'll reach Chico, home of the National Yo-Yo Museum! Located in a super-cool indie toy store, the Yo-Yo Museum boasts the world's largest yo-yo, 80 years of yo-yo artifacts, and hosts the National Yo-Yo Championship each year. It's a super cute way to kill an hour!


via Flournoy Ave

60mi 01h 12m
Photo of Shasta State Historic Park

15312 Highway 299, Shasta, CA, US

Shasta State Historic Park


The town of Shasta, which was active during the mid-19th century, is mostly abandoned today. However, the old buildings have been preserved at Shasta State Historic Park. Step back in time at the jail, the store, the church, the museum, the post office, and the school.

27mi 01h 00m
Photo of Lake Shasta Caverns

20359 Shasta Caverns Rd, Lakehead, CA, US

Lake Shasta Caverns


The stunning Lake Shasta Caverns, which must be reached via a boat, are one of the coolest attractions in the area. As you traverse the system of caverns, you'll learn about their fascinating history and see all kinds of wild rock formations. It's a bit of a trek, with about 600 stairs total, but it's well worth the effort.

155mi 03h 07m
Photo of The Oregon Vortex/House of Mystery

4303 Sardine Creek L Fork Road, Gold Hill, OR, US

The Oregon Vortex/House of Mystery


Once you reach Gold Hill, OR pull over at the Oregon Vortex/House of Mystery, a 1930s-era attraction and roadside classic not far off I-5. Whether or not you believe in the scientific analysis of the "vortex" that causes the laws of physics to seem irrelevant (as I suspected in high school science class), it's still a fun stop. Plus, they have a cute curio shop with offbeat oddities.

117mi 02h 22m
Photo of Umpqua National Forest

Umpqua National Forest, OR, US

Umpqua National Forest


Next, bask in some breathtaking natural beauty at Umpqua National Forest. This massive woodland preserve is packed with shaded trails, fields of wildflowers, misty waterfalls, and cozy cabins. Even taking a quick detour to drive through this beautiful forest is a must!

128mi 02h 20m

245 Blair Blvd, Eugene, OR, US

Blairally Vintage Arcade


From there, you'll find yourself in Eugene, OR where you can grab a drink at Blairally Vintage Arcade. It's part dive bar, part hands-on museum dedicated to the most beloved arcade games of the past, and 100% retro fun. Cheap beers and free pinball make this place the perfect place to spend a few hours, which might turn into the whole night.

Planning on staying the night? There are some rad hotels in Eugene, like C'est La Vie Inn, Inn at the 5th and the Campbell House Inn.

The best time to road trip down I-5: In the summer there's a significant amount of fog along the northern part of the route. The best weather is generally from September through early October, as well as late April and May. Also keep in mind that the summers are high tourist season, and road conditions in winter can be slightly precarious, especially up north.


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