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St. George Essential Info


St. George is a town in the Dixie region of Utah. It is quickly taking on a Palm Springs, CA type of atmosphere owing to its benign climate and peacefulness. Given its many trails, dunes, cliffs, parks and scenic views, it has become known as an outdoor adventure destination. It is also within close proximity to Mesquite, Nevada, and Las Vegas.


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Fun Facts

  1. St. George is known for being an outdoor adventure destination with rich history.
  2. The Mormon temple in St. George,was one of the Mormom temples completed before the Mormon Temple in Salt Lake Cty.
  3. St. George was named after George A. Smith, a Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Apostle.
  4. The Cafe Rio restaurant chain was started in St. George in 1997.
  5. The movie "Flyboys" was partially filmed in St. George.

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