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Nashville Essential Info


Nashville is a city in Davidson County and the capital of the American state of Tennessee. It is usually called the "Country Music Capital of the World" or more often "Music City, USA"; however, in recent years, Nashville has done much to escape its country music image and become a regional center of culture and commerce. In fact, Dell, Nissan, GM Motors, Bridgestone, UBS FInancial Service, HCA, Community Health Services, Lyft, Google, and Microsoft have all moved some operations to or near the city. The music is various; major rap artists and rock bands (Young Buck, Haystak, Kings of Leon, Paramore, and Ben Folds) claim Nashville as their hometown. Nashville is also the epicenter of the contemporary Christian music industry. Nashville is also notable for line dancing as well.

Nashville is quickly becoming a fun and enjoyable American city, and is drawing the most tourists from out of the country out of any city in the United States. The New York Times gave Nashville the moniker of the "it" city, and the overall progressive and loving environment, along with the diverse $100 billion economy consisting of health care, music, tech and automotive industries, have made people want to visit and live alike in the music city. Nashville is an experience that many people across the United States and the World love and enjoy, and it is highly recommended to go and visit.

Nashville has been the home of the world-famous Grand Ole Opry since 1925. The Opry has been located in the Grand Ole Opry House in eastern Nashville since 1974. From 1974 to 1997 the Opry House was part of a theme park called Opryland USA, which closed due to low attendance and was subsequently torn down and replaced with a mega-shopping mall called Opry Mills. Nashville also has a great bar scene. If you like to drink, you can go "Honky-tonking," also known as "bar-hopping." Recently Nashville has been called a top ten destination to visit in magazines such as Lonely Planet, New York Times, Conde Nast, and Travel and Leisure, and is quickly developing into a fun and cosmopolitan city.

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Fun Facts

  1. Nashville’s Centennial Park is home to the only exact replica of the Greek Parthenon.
  2. Oprah Winfrey started her career in Nashville TV when she became the first female and African American news anchor while attending Tennessee State University.
  3. Grand Ole Opry's original name was The WSM Barn Dance.
  4. President Theodore Roosevelt coined the phrase "good to the last drop!" after drinking a cup of locally produced coffee in Nashville.
  5. Elvis recorded over 200 of his songs at RCA’s historic Studio B on Music Row in Nashville.

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