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Hex Hollow

Rehmeyers Hollow Rd, Stewartstown, Pennsylvania 17363 USA

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“For Info Only Private Property”

Rehmeyer's Hollow, also known as Hex Hollow, is located in Central Pennsylvania (York County) near the Maryland border. The area was brought to national attention by a murder that occurred there in 1928. The name of the hollow was later changed to Spring Valley County Park. John H. Blymire, a pow-wow doctor—or Pennsylvania Dutch witch -- had, for years, been suffering from illness and bad luck. When another pow-wow doctor, Nellie Noll (the River Witch of Marietta), told him he had come under the hex of witch doctor Nelson D. Rehmeyer, Blymire decided to retaliate by breaking into Rehmeyer's home in search of a book of spells. Noll also informed Blymire that burning the book or burying a lock of Rehmeyer's hair would remove the Hex. Upon arrival to his farm house in North Hopewell Township, they encountered Rehmeyer himself. Blymire and his two young accomplices (John Curry and Wilbert Hess) murdered Rehmeyer, and then mutilated and burned his body. The murder took place exactly one minute past midnight on November 28, 1928. They were unsuccessful in locating his copy of Long Lost Friend; however, Blymire felt the hex lifted when Rehmeyer died. In the trial that followed, the country was shocked to learn of the existence of 20th-century witchcraft, especially in quiet York County, Pennsylvania. Rehmeyer's house where he was murdered still stands on Rehmeyer's Hollow Road. Many locals believe it to be haunted. Teenagers can usually be found down in the hollow seeking evidence of ghosts.. evidence many have claimed to find in the form of shadowy figures, cold spots, EVP recordings, and more. One of the house's most notorious acts is the apparent ability to return stones thrown at it.  To this day, the house contains much of the original furniture from the day of Rehmeyer's murder, including his sofa. Perhaps the most eerie thing in the building is a section of the floor in the kitchen that is made of glass, which shows charred floorboards underneath, the remnants of the attempt to burn Rehmeyer's body. Rehmeyer's "Long Lost Friend" went on to become one of the most revered books of Pennsylvania Dutch Witchcraft, and continues to serve as a basis for magic practitioners in the area.

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Greg Newkirk

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April 14, 2014

If you have even the slightest interest in the occult and/or the home remedies of the Pennsylvania Dutch, you owe it to yourself to visit "Hex Hollow", a place so richly tied to "pow-wow" medicine. Seeing the hole where Rheymeyer was burned is something particularly chilling, but fortunately his book lives on. The building isn't always open for tours, so if you ever have the chance, GO!

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June 17, 2020
Rated 5.0

Very cool creepy vibe!

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August 12, 2019
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you can’t visit this anymore. drove by in june, they have a security system and everything now.

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May 18, 2017

The story of Nelson Rehmeyer is infamous, but what's really chilling is the lore about the forests SURROUNDING Rehmeyer's house. The Susquehannok tribes called the place "bad ground" and used to leave their mentally ill and criminals there to die. I've been there a couple of times, and it never fails to spook me. I've gotten EVPs of ghosts and Native American music, tree branches snapping above me, things poking me, and I even saw a shadow figure walking towards us on one occasion. Rehmeyer's house is creepy, but if you want a terrifying ghost experience, walk around the forest in the springtime/summer after dusk. You can see the paranormal moments I captured here if you don't believe me ;) :

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Hex Hollow

Rehmeyers Hollow Rd
Stewartstown, Pennsylvania
17363 USA
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