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Gone But Not Forgotten: Former National Parks

We still love these delisted ex-National Parks anyways!

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Created by Roadtrippers - May 9th 2016

Being a National Park is the highest honor a park can reach-- it’s generally reserved for only the most awesome of US natural areas. While new National Parks are always being considered (Pinnacles National Park achieved the top title most recently), there are occasionally parks that lose their National status as well. Here’s our tribute to the B-list, former National Parks!

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Three Rivers, CA

Former name: General Grant National Park

Established: 1890

Disbanded: 1940

General Grant enjoyed a long run as a National Park, but it was eventually absorbed into Kings Canyon National Park. General Grant can’t feel all that bad though – they did name a tree after him!

Former name: Platt National Park

Established: 1906

Disbanded: 1976

It was once on top as Platt National Park, but now it’s known as the Chickasaw National Recreation Area. The name is not nearly as epic-sounding, but it still features the same natural, outdoor awesomeness that Platt was known for.

Former name: Sullys Hill National Park

Established: 1904

Disbanded: 1931

Apparently, Theodore Roosevelt created a lot of National Parks, like this one, which is now Sullys Hill National Game Preserve. It and Mackinac are the only two to no longer even be under the control of National Parks Services. Major demotion!

Former name: Hawaii National Park

Established: 1916

Disbanded: 1960

Instead of being incorporated or demoted, this park was split into two separate National Parks to handle all of the awesomeness. Hawaii National Park is now Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and Haleakala National Park.


Mackinac Island, MI

Former name: Mackinac National Park

Established: 1895

Disbanded: 1975

This island went from National Park to Mackinac Island State Park within 20 years- but it must have been good while it lasted! Vehicles are still banned here, so bring your best walking shoes and take in all the natural beauty.

Former name: Fort McHenry National Park

Established: 1925

Disbanded: 1939

Even though it’s no longer a National Park, it got re-designated with a very special official name: “Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine“. Pay tribute to the fort that inspired the National Anthem!

Former name: Abraham Lincoln National Park

Established: 1916

Disbanded: 1939

This park, honoring the one and only Abe Lincoln, got a serious (and wordy) downgrade. It’s now known as the Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historic Park.

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