Holtman's Donut Shop

1332 Vine St, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202 USA

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“Truly kick-ass donuts”

Holtman's Donuts, located in Loveland, Over the Rhine, and Williamsburg, is a family shop that opened in 1960 by Charles Holtman. Holtman's Donuts is now operated by Charles' daughter Toni and her husband Chuck. Baking alongside them are their children, Danny and Lorrie. Committed to the old fashioned way Holtman's Donuts are created from scratch using the highest quality ingredients. From a family shop to your family's table, enjoy a scrumptious donut. 

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Photo of Ian H.

Reviewed by
Ian H.

No matter where my partner and I travel, we always look for vegan donuts. In Cincinnati, we found Holtman's Donut Shop. I made the nice walk from our Airbnb to pick up a few donuts for breakfast... Read more

Photo of Jayme B.

Reviewed by
Jayme B.

We were walking past Holtman's and the storefront looked neat, so we stopped in. Upon entering, I noticed that the shop was not very big but the space is utilized well. They had some seating if... Read more

Photo of Caleb J.

Reviewed by
Caleb J.

This place is the best I've every seen becase there donut have so much color to them so go down there and get some donuts I really recommend Read more

Photo of brown2cu

Reviewed by

I was off work and hungry and decided to make my way over to Holtman's for a donut. I had never been before, but the weather was cold and the clouds were threatening snow, and it seemed imperative that I enjoy a donut. I stepped out into the street and bundled my coat a little tighter. There was wind and the wind made it colder, you see. The streets were empty, save for a gnomic man howling into a downspout. An ordinary day, I thought, but the sight of the howling man seemed strangely atavistic and conjured images of my father; so stern and hardworking. I bundled my coat a little tighter and made my way towards the intersection. I reached the intersection right as the snow started. I wondered what the weather was like for my mother in Florida, and whether or not my sister was warm in the hospital. The street was busier here, so my thoughts were cut short. The cars and busses drove more assertively, no one wanted to be caught in the snow, but I was happy to be there and happy to be cold. I smiled. Holtman's was in sight. I opened the shop door and was greeted by the clerk. "Cold out there," he said. "Yes, yes it is," I replied. I eyed the selection. It was glorious; like a far-off light in a treacherous cave. Glazed donuts, cereal donuts, Jelly donuts, bacon donuts, crullers, fritters, red velvet donuts, cake donuts, it was all too much. I stepped back from the case. "One bacon donut, please." The clerk didn't waste a second fulfilling my request. I eyed his hands: worn, yet maintained, the hands of scholar forced to toil by day, but who composed feverish poetry by night. He handed me the bag. "Oh, thank you, um, I'm sorry, but I didn't catch your name." "Iain" he said "Thank you, Iain" I replied, stepping out into the street and cold once more. Night was rushing in with the snow and the wind had intensified. I couldn't wait. I opened the bag and ate the donut. It was warm, salty and sweet. It was, in a word, perfect. I made my way home, a much happier, and fuller, man. Read more

Photo of joshnewkirk

Reviewed by

DONUTS! Seriously though, the Oreo donuts are amazing. Top quality stuff outta Cinci! If you have the chance stop in to get one, it's worth your time. Read more

Photo of brandon

Reviewed by

I've never been, but I've enjoyed their donuts many a times. They're definitely good, but my favorite donut (glazed) tastes a little.. off here. It's good, don't get me wrong, but something about it makes my mouth feel weird. Read more

Photo of nuekerk

Reviewed by

When this place opened, I'm convinced the whole neighborhood gained five pounds. Their donuts are made from scratch, and you can taste the difference. You can't go wrong with the classic glazed, but if you're a fan of bacon, you can't pass up the bacon donut. Their coffee, on the other hand, leaves something to be desired. But hey, you're not coming here for the friggin' coffee. Read more

Photo of eric.ziegler.75

Reviewed by

Hands down the best donuts I've ever had. My wife rarely eats donuts, but loves going here. People rave about their bacon donuts, but they didn't seem that fantastic to me. Tip: you don't necessarily need to find parking on the street. There's a parking garage a block away and Holtman's will offer discounts for parking in there during certain times of the day. Read more

Photo of BaberahamLincoln

Reviewed by

This place is awesome! I usually stop in if I'm near Vine Street and it's open. The donuts are really good, especially the cake donuts. There's always a huge variety of types of donuts, from regular glazed to bacon to seasonal flavors like pumpkin. And they're cheap, too! Read more

Photo of tmowbray

Reviewed by

Super delicious, fresh donuts. I usually go for the simple glazed donut but you literally cant go wrong here. Really friendly staff and perfectly located right in the heart of OTR. Read more

Photo of mitchless

Reviewed by

I like to think of myself as a bit of a connoisseur of fried dough. Holtman's is among the top-teir of donut shops. They are tender and delicious, light and flaky. I tend to prefer more sugar on my sugar donuts, but the total donut experience is still amazing. Read more

Photo of dana.newkirk.7

Reviewed by

You can smell Holtmans from blocks away... and it's amazing! There isn't a bad donut in the bunch as well. This is the kind of place that will ruin chain donuts for you completely. I highly suggest the chocolate glaze and a huge cup of coffee. Breakfast of champions. Read more

Photo of nakers

Reviewed by

WOW. I couldn't resist the smell walking by so I dropped in and bought a maple bacon donut which they suggested as their specialty. I'm blown away. This is definitely a bakery ambiance (not a ton of seating space, etc.) but you can't go wrong. This is no D&D's. Best donut I've ever had. Read more

Photo of aburdsall

Reviewed by

how can one simple glazed blueberry cake donut ease all suffering? how can this one donut seemingly contain all of the answers to the immeasurable complexity of the human experience? this singular donut, how can it express the breadth of existence? i dunno, it just can. Read more

Photo of ccthenaturelover

Reviewed by

Delicious fresh donuts for a great price! The classic are great but they serve up bacon donuts and more that are just as amazing. Read more

Photo of erin...

Reviewed by

This place is amazing. I love their cereal donuts! Its like having a bowl of your favorite kids cereal and a donut all in one, the perfect combination for breakfast (or anytime of the day for that matter). Read more

Photo of chrisspinney

Reviewed by

A favorite of our office here at Roadtrippers. Friendly folks, family run, and freaking good. Read more

Photo of TatianaDanger

Reviewed by

Incredibly delicious donuts. Way better than any chain donut shop. My one complaint, they should have the apple cider donuts all year long! They are AMAZING! Read more

Photo of ericagriffith

Reviewed by

Cullen's short novel review is brilliant. I walked in to Holtman's as the sweet sounds of "I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch)" were playing while I ordered my warm and delicious maple pecan donut. This sugary goodness will turn your day around for sure. Read more

Photo of oliverli

Reviewed by

The blueberry cake donuts with bacon are a gem. Read more

Photo of steelval3

Reviewed by

Donuts here are great (just like most donuts), the classic donuts are a safe and delicious bet! Read more

Holtman's Donut Shop

1332 Vine St
Cincinnati, Ohio
45202 USA


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