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Medicine Creek Reservoir State Recreation Area

Cambridge, Nebraska 69022 USA

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“one of Nebraska's most scenic recreation spots”

Rated by many visitors as one of Nebraska's more scenic recreation spots, Medicine Creek State Recreation Area and wildlife land encompass some 8,500 acres of public land and water in southeastern Frontier County. The dam on Medicine Creek is a zoned, earth-filled structure. It is 165 feet high and 5,665 feet long. At the top of the conservation pool, the lake covers 1,850 surface acres, with 29 miles of shoreline. Completed in 1949, the dam is 30 feet wide at the top and 840 feet at the base. Water stored irrigates some 16,630 acres of land. With the long narrow configuration of the lake, much of which is shaded by mature stands of trees and lush underbrush, Medicine Creek offers outdoor buffs plenty of recreational opportunity, plus solitude and plenty of private spots to get away from it all. The long bays that pocket the winding shore and the small islands provide fishermen with hotspots for king-sized crappie and other panfish. In early spring, walleye start hitting back in the shallows, but the walleye fishing really begins in June in the main body of the lake. Facilities at Medicine Creek for camping and picnicking range from the most modern to just the essentials. Its wildlife lands lie in the heart of southwest Nebraska's pheasant and quail range. Over 5,500 acres have been extensively managed for wildlife habitat. The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission and U.S. Bureau of Reclamation have planted over 50,000 trees and shrubs in recent years, concentrating on plantings that will benefit both game and nongame species.

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June 02, 2016
Rated 3.0

I wanted to stay here so badly it was beautiful!! However there was no firewood, the lodge was "closed for the season" two days after Memorial Day and so we traveled 40 miles back to mccook stopped at every store along the way searching for wood. Finally gave up and went to a different state park with plenty of wood at the host site

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June 21, 2015
Rated 4.0

Had such a wonderful time here in Cabin 4 June 2015! 1 queen bed in one room & 2 full beds/bunk beds in other. Couch in kitchen area and view of lake in every window. Fit our family of 6 with 4 teens and 2 dogs just fine! Realized after reservation that this cabin is handicap accessible, so it may be slightly different than other cabins.
One thing not mentioned when reserving is that cabins are not remote. You have neighbors (a campground), and some are quite close. Our first night was lovely w no immediate neighbor, but the second night would have been tricky to do a fire because neighbors arrived and were practically right on top of our fire pit area. If we return, we will definitely try to acquire that camp site as well.
Tips: Large deck is perfect for dogs. We tipped table on side to make a gate. Worked perfectly! Towels draped over railing kept them from being distracted by passersby.
Bring Command hooks. Could have used those in shower and bathroom.
AC unit adjusts, so be sure to move airflow to your preference while sleeping. UP was great for us.
Was a lovely little cabin that made for a fantastic trip! Enjoy yours!

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