Roadtrippers Roadie To WOMAD

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Created by Roadtrippers Australasia - February 22nd 2018

WOMAD is one big gluttonous feast for the ears and eyes. With over 30 performers across five stages ranging from big to unusual names, you might see Indian Sutta players, Vietnamese DJs, Korean pop dancers, African tongue clickers and Brazilian flamenco bands across three days. There’s the food from 80 stalls, plus you’re in some spectacular gardens where you can wander into artist workshops and a wellness area. It’s a universally good time for all ages and one place where being a senior is an advantage as you get an elevated platform (to smile and wave at the youth below you).

Here’s road trip suggestions from Auckland to the ‘Naki from Roadtrippers.

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Red Shed Palazzo

If you’ve started early and need coffee pull off SH1 (exit 461 to Drury) at the Red Shed Palazzo. They won best rural café last year and with some gardens to entertain the kids (and dogs), good coffee and tasty food it’s far better then finding yourself at the BP café at Bombay Hills

Hakarimata Rail Trail

This 40-minute walk is easy. And free. It follows the route of the old Massey railway, where, in 1933, a coal-laden train careered off the track into the stream and the driver heroically sacrificed his life to save others. You can salute him at the picnic spot when you bust out the pineapple lumps.

Duck Island Ice Cream

Arguably the best thing to come out of The Tron, this is a must stop as it will please everyone in the car. Using organic milk, free-range eggs and seasonal ingredients, Duck Island make small batches of ice cream with 18 bombastic flavours and dairy free options. Try the roasted white chocolate and miso.

Tree Church

Yes, it’s a church made out of trees with a grass floor and marble altar! Barry Cox, who created this phenomenal man-made, yet natural, wonder had lots of patience. He’s a tree lover and church lover and one day two passions collided. He didn’t initially set out to make the church open to the public but once his nephew asked if he could marry in it, it all began. Now you can turn up with no booking, your camera and $15 to marvel at Barry's incredible vision.

Red Kitchen

Since Walton Street Collective’s permanently closed, Red Kitchen is the best option in the Te Awamutu. They have a good variety of food especially for vege and vegan, and coffee. More coffee.

Waitomo Glowworm Caves

You’re driving right by and what better way to get your head into the trippy festy state than seeing thousands of tiny creatures radiating unmistakable luminescent light from their backsides? If you’ve only got 45 minutes that gives you some good glow worm action, or longer will give you Aranui and Ruakuri caves to explore, which can take up to three hours. And the kicker is that you can do it all in your clothes so it's all really easy. It's best to book 48 hours ahead.

Mike's Tasting Room: Brewery and Cafe

You’re close to New Plymouth and probably hot and tired, so stop at Mike’s and let his good range of ales and lagers soothe your thirsty car mates. The pizzas aren’t too bad either and if it’s sunny there’s a lawn to rival Gatsby (in a ‘naki kind of way). The driver can get some brews to takeaway including organic options.

Govett-Brewster Art Centre

You might not get this done before WOMAD but make time for the Govett-Brewster Art Gallery Len Lye Centre, afterwards (or during) the festival. It’s free, you get to see some original films of Len Lye's and the building is arguably better than the gallery. It's an awe inspiring piece of architecture. For everyone.

The Public Catering Company

If you don’t have the recommended hour for Len Lye Centre, then head to Public Catering Company, grab a lip smacking gelato, and wander 100 m to the foreshore to see Len Lye’s mighty Wind Wand and the Waving Wands 1.5 km along the walkway.


"The Wind Wand - New Plymouth" Photo Credit: Russell Street


"Waving Wands " Photo Credit: Art In Public



Three Sisters And The Elephant

On the way home stop at Tongaporutu where you can swim and marvel at the ‘Three Sisters and Elephant Rocks’ - New Zealand’s equivalent of the 12 Apostles in Australia.

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