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Upstate, New York

Play, relax, shop, love, and listen.

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Created by Mwood0716 - July 12th 2016

New York. I know what you may be thinking. The City. Right?! Well, my epic road trip takes place upstate...that is everything ABOVE The City. While The City is fabulous in its own right, New York has so much more to offer. That is where I come in. This trip should begin at Strong National Museum of Play, then head to Mirbeau Spa, Destiny USA, Boldt Castle, and end with a performance at Kodak Hall. Buckle up and enjoy the trip.

Photo of Boldt Castle

1 Heart Island, Alexandria Bay, NY, US

Boldt Castle

Swoon...Boldt Castle is the center of a tragic love story in the history of America. It seems George Boldt deeply loved his wife, Louise. In fact he loved her so much that he purchased this island (Heart Island) in the Thousand Islands region. He took it upon himself to even create the island to look like a heart. He began construction on this six-story, 120 room summer home in 1900. The castle has castle-y things like tunnels and a drawbridge. It also has non-castle-y things, like a bowling alley. The millionaire proprietor spared no expense for the love of his life. However, tragedy struck right before the completion of this beautiful castle. If you want to know the details of the tragic tale, you must go. Take a tour. Stay a while. Hear the story. Feel the love of Mr. and Mrs. Boldt.

9090 Destiny Usa Dr, Syracuse, NY, US

Destiny USA

New York is truly a one-stop-fits all kind of person. From mega-metropolises to nature abundant, you will never be disappointed with a trip to this state.

Photo of Mirbeau Inn & Spa

851 W Genesee Street Rd, Skaneateles, NY, US

Mirbeau Inn & Spa


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In the middle of our trip, would be the coolest destination. Destiny USA is a shopping mall. Destiny USA is a playground. Destiny USA is an adult playground. There really is not one word to describe this place. With traditional shopping, outlet shopping, and extremely swanky shopping, it is a shopper's paradise catering to whatever money is in your wallet. But it's so much more than that as well. If you're hungry, you can head to the traditional Food Court...or better yet, Johnny Rockets...or even better still...Margaritaville....or the creme de la creme, Texas de Brazil. Too. Many. Choices. for yumminess! However, once you've stuffed yourself like a mad man (or woman) head to WonderWorks and lay down and rest...on a bed of nails. #truth Or head to Pole Position Raceway and try to come in first place in something other than stuffing yourself. Or work it all off at Lazer Tag. Destiny USA ~ six stories of pure delight and gluttony.

1 Manhattan Sq, Rochester, NY, US

The Strong National Museum of Play

Next stop, we have the luxurious Mirbeau Spa. This must be the most heavenly to Heaven of course. ;) The rooms are gorgeous with a cozy fireplace, large French style soaking tub, and bedding that makes you believe you are on a cloud. As soon as you step into your room, soothing music from the Bose stereo greets you. And the personal products from their exclusive line, oh. my. You will leave this place feeling refreshed and peaceful.

60 Gibbs St, Rochester, NY, US

Kodak Hall At Eastman Theater

I thought our trip could begin at this fabulous museum. The play museum is what us local people call it. You may think it is just for children. Oh my friend, that would be a no. The play museum has activities for everyone to do regardless of age. Yes, there is Sesame Street and Wegman's Grocery Store for miniature shoppers. However, there is an awesome arcade upstairs...for those of us who aren't so miniature. And if the history of play is more your cup of tea, you will enjoy the National Toy Hall of Fame on the premises. It's such a cool place to take the entire family...grandparents, parents, and teens, and littles.

We must end our epic road trip with a Rochester Philharmonic Concert at Kodak Hall in the Eastman Theater. Mr. George Eastman loved music and the arts. He created the Eastman School of Music as a dedication to the highest levels of the art of music. Kodak Hall is the main theatre in which numerous performances are given. And the RPO is a top-notch orchestra dedicated to excellence. They perform everything from The Magical Music of Disney, to Gershwin Favorites, to Beethoven and Haydn, to The Nutcracker and more. You will never be disappointed by attending a musical masterpiece at Kodak Hall. You will, however, be disappointed that the epicness has ended in Upstate. Happy trails to you....until we meet again....