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My Epic Road Trip

south to east

  • 8
  • 31:45
  • 1,903 mi
  • $310
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Created by JennyBakerSinderman - July 10th 2016

I love to travel and these are some of my favorites that I've encountered along the way, so far!

Natchez, Mississippi, United States

First stop is Natchez Mississippi, beautiful scenery in this small town. Friendly people, warm weather- lots to see.

6mi 00h 11m

453 Hwy 61 S, Natchez, MS, US

Roux 61 Seafood & Grill


This is a must stop restaurant, wonderful food and drinks and the prices are affordable. Busy place, but lots of room.

510mi 08h 08m

White, Georgia, United States


I haven't been here yet, but it's on my list. It's called Old Car City in White, GA and it's an old car cemetary. Looks like it would be a fun little stop along the way!

190mi 03h 31m

This is beautiful country, and many little towns to explore in the area.

74mi 01h 33m

Banner Elk, North Carolina, United States


One of the little towns to explore on the way, and Boone which is a little bit larger town is right nearby.

403mi 06h 47m

Next stop our nations capital. There is so much to see and do here and most everything is FREE. That's right, never realized it until I went, but all the Smithsonian and other national buildings don't cost anything to enter! And the train system here is a great way to get around.

717mi 11h 35m

This is a beautiful spot to relax and explore. Acadia National park provides plenty of hiking spots that aren't too difficult and lots of scenery. The town of Bar Harbor itself is a busy little town, with lots of shops and restaurants and if you are going here- you must have lobster!

0mi 00h 00m
Photo of Acadia National Park

25 Visitor Center Road, Bar Harbor, ME, US

Acadia National Park

There are so many places in between these main stops that must be explored also! Just a couple of highlights that I think must be explored!