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My Epic Road Trip

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Created by BabzZaa - July 9th 2016

How to experience Big Sky Country on a great road trip.

600 W Kagy Blvd, Bozeman, MT, US

Museum of The Rockies

Bozeman is a good place to start. You can get cheap flights in or have a pre-road trip trip getting there. Depending on where you start, you might need to look up a few other road trips on the way there. I lived in the far west and did quite a few grids of the state so I will share some of my favorites with you.

123 E Main St, Bozeman, MT, US

The Crystal Bar

The Museum of the Rockies as an amazing prehistoric experience.

Photo of Holiday Inn Bozeman

5 Baxter Lane, Bozeman, MT, US

Holiday Inn Bozeman


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It's a bar in old Bozeman among many other fun places to stroll by.

Photo of Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park

25 Lewis & Clark Caverns Rd., Whitehall, MT, US

Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park

Clean, quiet, central.

Photo of Mining Museum

155 Museum Way, Anaconda-Deer Lodge County, MT, US

Mining Museum

This is a must. The cavernas are incredible. Very little has even been mapped and they are known to extend into Canada and as far as South Dakota. Tour is excellent. There are itsy bitsy bats- endangered species so be quiet.

Photo of Wayfarers State Park

8600 Hwy 35, Bigfork, MT, US

Wayfarers State Park

So cool. If you have kids with you they will talk about this experience for a long time. Butte is also home to Montana Tech the top mining and geology school in the world. You can also see the complete and utter destruction Man is capable of if you drive by the Berkeley Pit, a Hazmat SuperFund Site.

10237 Hwy 2 E, Coram, MT, US

Glacier Distilling Company

Flathead Lake is the deepest natural lake West of the Mississippi River. Also the cleanest lake in America. Here you can experience the culture of several indigenous peoples, awesome water recreation, and great brewpubs.

Photo of Glacier Outdoor Center

12400 US 2, West Glacier, MT, US

Glacier Outdoor Center

Glacier- best place to start before a good night's rest- your real adventure starts tomorrow!

Photo of McDonald Creek

Glacier National Park, MT, US

McDonald Creek

Go ask them what you need and what to do.

There is nothing like this. People go to Glacier NP from all over the world. The glaciers themselves are melting, and the next few years may be your last chance to see them. Ever.