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Unleash Your Inner Kid Across Atlanta

Even if you're a 14-year-old CEO, you can still have fun!

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Created by mosbows - July 6th 2016

My summer has been filled with adventures big and small. As a 14-year-old CEO (I'm the founder and CEO of Mo's Bows, a men's accessory line) most of the trips I have taken have been business related. But even though I've been hard at work, I've still managed to make time for fun... I'm still a kid, after all. I learned about Alabama history, attempted to lift a chair made of 10 tons of steel and braved an epic rollercoaster….all in the name of mixing business and pleasure on this trip to Atlanta!

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Roadtrippers' Tip: Seriously, nothing lets you unleash your inner child better than a ginormous hypercoaster like Six Flags Over Georgia's Goliath! You'll have to start mentally preparing yourself for the 12 story drop, 540-degree spiral, 4Gs of force, and the intense adrenaline rush this monster offers well before you get to the park.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Memphis, Tennessee, United States

I'm from Memphis, but I love to travel. When I was asked to be on a panel of Atlanta's Boys and Girls Club Teen Conference, I was excited to say yes, not only because Atlanta is an incredibly fun city to explore, but because I love to give back whenever I can.

World's Largest Office Chair

I thought it would be cool to stop in Anniston, AL along the way to check out one of the largest office chairs in the world-- what can I say, I'm super passionate about running my business! I thought the chair was a very creative way for Miller's Furniture to advertise their business. The 33 foot chair made of 10 tons of steel was clearly impossible to lift or sit in but makes for a great picture. Maybe I'll make a giant bowtie to advertise Mo's Bows someday!


Once we arrived in Atlanta, we visited with my aunt, uncle and their two children. My little cousin Haley had me running all around her play house and she made me a delicious chocolate plastic cupcake! :)

Golden Krust

From there we stopped at the Golden Krust. It’s a Jamaican restaurant were we always get the most amazing, tender, flavorful oxtails.


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After dinner we went to the Holiday Inn on Virginia Ave near the airport that was furnished for us. My mom said the process for checking in was quick and easy, we even received a free upgrade to a suite. I had the entire living room with a TV and a sleeper sofa, while my mom got to rest in the separate bedroom. Because I had my own room, I could practice aloud the questions that will be asked of me on the panel the next morning.

I’m a designer, so I pay attention to colors and prints a lot. The colors, designs and photos in the hotel were very modern, fresh, and urban but still had a classic feel. The lobby was hip and cool, similar to a hotel I’ve seen in New York City. It was an inspiring atmosphere to work in and I’m thinking the color scheme in the hotel would be a great fall collection of bow ties and neck ties. Plus, it was super quiet, so I was able to get some work done: I'm designing a new custom collection for the NBA!


Riverside EpiCenter

The next morning we grabbed a quick bite from the hotel lobby and headed to the Riverside Epicenter where I would meet with the teens of the Boys and Girls Club of Metro Atlanta. I was a guest on the panel for their Teen Conference. Because it was a conference for teenagers, they gave us access to the arcade in the Epicenter. I warmed up before speaking to everyone with a few games of air hockey.

Once the panel started I was able to share my story to other young men my age. It was nice to see them all dressed up in their own neckties and bowties. I think it’s important to dress nice because when you look good you feel good. The boys had great questions and showed a lot of interest in starting their own businesses. I even showed them how to tie bowties!


Atlanta, GA

After the panel we headed to the world’s largest drive-in restaurant, The Varsity. After catching a whiff of the grill, I knew then I had to order a cheeseburger, French fries and the crispy apple pie. We ordered from the car and learned that the car hop, John, had been working with The Varsity for over 10 years!


Six Flags Over Georgia

My favorite part of the trip was getting to see one of my friends and go to Six Flags Over Georgia. I’m really not a fan of big roller coasters, but my friend does, and she talked me into trying some out. The excited screams I heard made the ride even more fun once I got on. I even heard myself yell out for my mom, who was no where near the park, but I feel I was loud enough for her to hear me from across the city. I ended up being super glad I tried out a big roller coaster... and it was nice to just be a kid for a few hours!


The Little Donkey

The next day, it was time to head back to Memphis. On our way, we stopped in Birmingham to get lunch at The Little Donkey. I ordered the most tasty churros-- they're served with a chocolate dipping sauce. So delicious!

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I feel like this was the most epic road trip because I was able to do so much in a few days. I was able to see family and friends, I spoke to young men and encouraged them to dream big and start their own businesses. I had delicious food, got to be a kid at Six Flags, and even got some relaxing in at the hotel: what more could a 14-year-old entrepreneur ask for?

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