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Nestled in the Ozark Mountains lies Natural Falls State Park

A waterfall cascading through ancient rock formations.

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Created by Airstream - June 28th 2016

You’ll find an idyllic oasis in Natural Falls State Park. Named after the 77-foot tall waterfall that's the park's "crown jewel", this park deserves your immediate attention.

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Colcord, OK

Natural Falls State Park, with its 77-foot-tall cascade that tumbles through beautiful rock formations and ends at a hidden valley, is indeed a pleasant surprise. The park offers a variety of observation platforms to view the falls, including one at the top and two at the bottom (don’t get wet!). The moist environment of the falls is a perfect home to many plant species, including ferns, mosses, and even liverworts. The picturesque park might look familiar upon arrival: The 1974 film Where the Red Fern Grows was filmed here.

Natural Falls is easily accessible by RV. The park has 44 camper sites, with full bathroom and shower facilities. The park also hosts more than four miles of nature trails, a disc-golf course, a fishing area, and even a formal garden.

Lake Wedington Recreation Area

Located right outside of Fayetteville, Arkansas, Lake Wedington Recreation Area is a fun place to take a dip after a long day of hiking. The lake offers lavish cabin rentals for those looking to stay in maximum comfort, but if you’re looking to stay outside, the area has campsites equipped with picnic tables, campfire rings, and bathrooms with showers. Nearby is a recreational area with a swimming section and boat ramp. Fishing is popular in the park; the world’s largest grass carp (weighing in at 80 pounds) was caught here in 2004.


Fayetteville, AR

Located in Fayetteville, Arkansas, is one of the 338 remaining drive-in movie theaters in the United States. 112 Drive-In has double features every night for the low price of $9.00 per person ($4.00 for kids). The drive-in’s concession stand offers hot dogs, hamburgers, drinks, popcorn, and even burritos. Make sure to pack your lawn chairs and blankets so you don’t all have to be stuffed into the car. And remember that the drive-in takes cash only, so don’t forget your moolah!

Greenhouse Grille

Greenhouse Grille serves locally sourced, organic homemade fare, and is a great stop if you’d like to eat a healthy (and delicious) meal. The restaurant’s “farm to table” concept makes for tasty dishes all around. Every single one is popular, so you don’t have to worry about choosing! The grille offers plenty of libations, including homemade seasonal cocktails (including the “Ozark Farmhouse”), and four local drafts. Plus, the Grille features live music to add a special touch to your evening.


Winslow, AR

Devil’s Den State Park is an Arkansas icon, so you won’t want to miss it as the last stop on your Ozarks trip! Constructed by Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Civilian Conservation Corps (also known as the “Tree Army”), the park features the perfect juxtaposition of rustic architecture and untouched nature. The park is known for its beautiful hiking and backpacking trails that lead to its spectacular backcountry in the Ozark Mountains. There are different kinds of trails to experience here, from hiking trails to to wet-water (a day hike through Lee Creek) to mountain hiking (on the 15-mile Butterfield Trail).

The area has gems everywhere you look—from waterfalls to caves to bluff overlooks. You never know what you’ll find at Devil’s Den.

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Featuring waterfalls galore, plentiful hiking trails, and farm-to-table restaurants, the Ozarks are a must to add to your bucket list. Get ready for an incredible journey!


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