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Road trip to the filming locations of 'Dumb and Dumber'

Gas up the '84 Sheepdog or borrow a moped and head to Aspen, where the beer flows like wine.

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Created by Roadtrippers - April 12th 2021

If ignorance really is bliss, the heroes of the 1994 classic Dumb and Dumber are definitive proof. Maybe if Lloyd Christmas (Jim Carrey) and Harry Dunne (Jeff Daniels) hadn't been so, well, dumb, they would never have traveled from Providence, Rhode Island, to Aspen, Colorado, trying to reunite a briefcase with its owner (Mary Samsonite—or rather, Swanson).

But there's nothing dumb about an epic road trip, so grab your best friend, hop in a Mutts Cutts van or Lamborghini Diablo and visit these filming locations from the Farrelly brothers’ film—even if you end up driving 1/6th of the way across the country in the wrong direction.

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Providence, RI

The Farrelly brothers (who wrote and directed the movie) traditionally set a scene or two in their home state of Rhode Island, so that's where Harry and Lloyd begin their adventure. Don't miss the iconic Big Blue Bug, a 58-foot-long, 4,000-pound replica of an Eastern Subterranean Termite which sits atop of a pest control business visible from I-95.

Fort Morgan - Dumb and Dumber

A lot of scenes from Harry and Lloyd's cross-country drive—including the truck stop where they meet Sea Bass—were filmed in and around the little town of Fort Morgan, Colorado. If you stop to sample the "soup of the day," just remember that not every truck stop waitress is named "Flo."


Estes Park, CO


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After discovering that the briefcase they've been carrying is full of cash, Harry and Lloyd stay in style at the fictional Danbury Hotel. Scenes were filmed at the equally-iconic real life Stanley Hotel, the infamous (and allegedly haunted) hotel that inspired Stephen King to write The Shining.

Main Street - Breckenridge

The Main Street of Breckenridge, Colorado, doubles for Aspen—the former mining town is located at the base of the Rocky Mountains and has a colorful, Victorian-era historic district. With an elevation of nearly 10,000 feet, Breckenridge is frequently snowy and cold; don't forget your extra pair of gloves.


Copper Mountain, CO


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While Lloyd waits at the Stanley Hotel's bar, Harry meets with Mary to go skiing at the Copper Mountain Resort. Mary does indeed hit the slopes, but Harry is stuck on the ski lift—literally, after his tongue gets stuck to the cold metal chair.


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M-Star Hotel - Herber City

The scene where Harry and Lloyd take a bath in an iconic red, heart-shaped tub—and the Gas Man punches someone through a phone booth—was filmed at the M-Star Hotel in Herber City, Utah (called the Second Honeymoon Motel in the movie).


Sandy, UT

Mary's classy East Coast-style mansion isn't actually anywhere near New England—it's in Utah. The 20-acre estate, called La Caille, is home to a vineyard and farm-to-table restaurant featuring craft cocktails, locally-sourced ingredients, and of course, wine.

The Depot

Don't forget to pack your matching orange and powder blue suits (and ruffled shirts) if you plan on attending an Aspen Preservation Society benefit for the Snow Owl. The scenes where Harry and Lloyd down martinis—and unwittingly kill one of the endangered birds—were filmed at The Depot, a railroad station turned four-story event venue in Salt Lake City.

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