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Rogue River RV Park in Shady Cove is pure Pacific NW Bliss

Explore the Siskiyou National Forest and the Rogue River.

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Created by Coach-Net - May 16th 2016

Oregon is a state filled with natural wonders and quirky attractions, and those aren’t just found in Portland, the weird, hipster capital of the state. The Rogue River and Siskiyou National Forest make for a great offbeat adventure filled with beautiful scenery and unforgettable experiences!

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The Oregon Vortex/House of Mystery

Oregon is so strange that, in some places, the laws of gravity don’t even apply! The Oregon Vortex/House of Mystery is a place where physics and science are put to the test—your brain will be twisted as you experience strange phenomena that you never thought possible! Whether you buy their explanation that all of the weirdness is caused by a mysterious vortex is up to you, but it’s a fun stop regardless, and they have a fascinating gift shop!

One of the original Congressionally designated “Wild and Scenic Rivers,” Oregon’s Wild and Scenic Rogue River offers a multitude of activities, from fishing to hiking to white-water rafting. Winding through dense forests, over rocky landscapes, and between mountains, the river provides a ruggedly stunning landscape that’s unique to this part of Oregon. Book a rafting or floating tour to really get the full experience!

If you’re looking to hike along the Rogue River to take in the views, you’ll find a really nice 1.25-mile trail in Valley of the Rogue State Park. It's a great low-key way to experience this wild river if rafting isn’t really your speed. Plus, if you’re an angler, you'll find some great fishing in this state park!

Rogue Valley Zip Line

Appreciate the Rogue River from a different angle—by soaring above it on a zip-line! The course at Rogue Valley Zip Line features several zip-lines that offer different views of the mountains and forests of Oregon. Flying over the landscape gives you an adrenaline rush like nothing else! Try the “Zip/Dip/Sip” experience that combines zip-lining and white-water rafting, and ends the day at a local winery.

Rogue Creamery

The best way to get a real taste for this unique part of Oregon is to head to the famed Rogue Creamery, a local cheesemaker. Their cheeses are predictably creative and delicious: lavender cheddar, smoky blue, and chocolate stout cheddar are just a few options. See how they make their cheeses, sample a few, and enjoy the most unique grilled cheese sandwich you’ve ever had!


Shady Cove, OR

Since there’s so much to do along the Rogue River, you'll want to spend a few days exploring, so set up camp at the Rogue River RV Park. Besides being a great place to camp, and offering all of the amenities you might need, it provides access to a 1,000-foot stretch of the river, so you can dip your feet in it, or even try your hand at fly-fishing for steelheads and salmon.

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Head off the beaten path to the country’s most wild and scenic river, where you can experience a trip unlike any other. I mean, where else can you defy physics, zip-line over a beautiful river, and eat a sandwich made with chocolate stout cheese? Only in Oregon!