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The truth is out there at these X-Files filming locations

I want to believe...

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Created by Roadtrippers - May 12th 2016

Ever since it premiered, The X-Files has been gathering a cult following, and it's not hard to see why: the show's enticing combination of mystery and humanity was just so perfect. Whether you're a true believer like Mulder, or more skeptical like Scully, there's no better place to research the paranormal and the otherwordly than these X-Files filming locations. Huge thanks to our pals at Planet Weird for bringing us this list!

Photo of Britannia Mine Museum

1 Main St Britannia Beach V0N 1J0, BC, CA

Britannia Mine Museum

In the second episode of season 3, Mulder and Scully go to an abandoned mining facility in West Virginia in search of answers. The scenes were filmed at an actual mining building, but it isn't in West Virginia-- it's in Canada. Back when they filmed here, the building was an abandoned relic of the Britannia Smelting and Mining Company. The step-shaped building used in the show was constructed in the 1920's and abandoned in the 1970's before being reopened as the Britannia Mine Museum in 2005-- so you can take a train ride into the tunnels, and keep an eye out for any funny business.

Recognize the bridge from "Patient X" and "The Red and The Black" in season 5? If you don't, don't worry: the Ruskin Dam and Powerhouse itself is getting a little makeover, but you can still attempt to be taken into an alien spacecraft on the bridge nearby.

1126 Queens Hwy, Long Beach, CA, US

The Queen Mary Hotel


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In the episode "Triangle", Mulder winds up in 1939 on a ship that disappeared while in the Bermuda Triangle. The Queen Anne is, in real-life, the legendary Queen Mary, which is a former ocean liner that's been permanently docked in Long Beach and now houses a hotel, a museum, and some shops. Oh, and if you do meet someone in old-timey dress, don't worry... you're not in a time warp; it's probably just a ghost!

Photo of Santa Monica Pier

200 Santa Monica Pier, Santa Monica, CA, US

Santa Monica Pier

We first meet a character named The Amazing Maleeni as he's doing a sideshow act here at the Santa Monica Pier, right before he dies under very mysterious circumstances. If you're after old-school seaside carnival fun, check out the rollercoaster and the ferris wheel as well.

829 Park Street, Piru, CA, US

Newhall Mansion

Season 6's sixth episode may involve a haunted house, but it's not celebrating Halloween-- it's a Christmas episode. After watching the episode, in which two ghosts try to lure Scully and Mulder to their deaths, I wouldn't be so excited to visit the Newhall Mansion, which served as the haunted house... and fun fact: it's actually a wedding venue.

The Riverview Hospital is actually one of the most-filmed buildings in all of Vancouver, having appeared in everything from Smallville to Supernatural to Happy Gilmore... and of course, the X-Files. It's basically the filming location for most hospital scenes, including the show's pilot and in assorted episodes up through season 5.

In the same episode, Scully and Mulder encounter the Frankenstein's monster-like Great Mutato here at Muskrat Meadows Campsite... so pack a PB&J as bait along with your tent and sleeping bag if you're looking to trap a monster.

2400 Kingsway, BC, CA

2400 Motel


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The 2400 Motel was used for the exterior shot of the motel where Scully and Mulder stay (and grow increasingly paranoid) in the episode "Wetwired".

251 E Hastings Street, BC, CA

Ovaltine Cafe

In Season 3, episode 20, Mulder interviews an Air Force pilot at the classic Ovaltine Cafe in Vancouver's Chinatown... or, at least, that's what Mulder claims happens. The cook at the restaurant further complicates the story by claiming Mulder came in alone, talking about UFOs while eating multiple pieces of pie. I'm not sure if anyone working there knows anything about aliens, but you should definitely order some dessert.

Photo of Grouse Mountain

6400 Nancy Greene Way, BC, CA

Grouse Mountain

Grouse Mountain is the real-life location of the fictional Skyland Mountain. Take the aerial tramway up the slope at night-- it's the perfect place to look for flying saucers. Or go ice-skating and zip-lining. Oh, and added creepy bonus: in the 1950's, an Air Force pilot died in a mysterious wreck on the mountain... some say it may have been caused by a UFO. The plane's remains are still there, so you can investigate for yourself!

Whether or not you find any evidence of the paranormal, extraterrestrial, it's still pretty fun to play Mulder and Scully... and you never know, maybe you will stumble upon something unexplainable.


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