No RV necessary at Shady Dell Vintage Trailer Court!

Try out life in an RV at this retro-inspired resort

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Created by Coach-Net - May 10th 2016

The grand tradition of RVing began pretty much as soon as cars became popular in the 1920’s. As road trips became popular in the 1950’s, RVs began to come into their own as well, with increasingly sophisticated recreation vehicles booming more and more popular.

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The RV lifestyle has remained strong ever since— and even if you don’t personally own an RV, there’s no denying the appeal and charm of being able to travel anywhere in the comfort of your own “home”. But even if you’re RV-less and want a taste of the lifestyle, there’s still a place for you: Bisbee, Arizona’s Shady Dell Vintage Trailer Court.

The history of the Shady Dell Vintage RV Park goes back to the 1920’s as well, although the trailers they have for rent mostly come from the 1940’s-1960’s. Those who had trailers growing up or who are into history, or even a vintage aesthetic will fall in love with the vehicles, which include a 1949 Airstream, a 1947 Airporter Bus, a 1957 Airflow, and a 1951 Spartan Mansion, among others.

And the retro theme doesn’t stop with the trailers, either: they’re all completely decked out in vintage, period-appropriate decor. Instead of a coffee maker, you get a percolator, and instead of a stove, you can cook out over charcoal grills. And, since we’re keeping things authentic, you’ll just get a radio in the trailer… because back then, the excitement of traveling in an RV was entertainment enough!

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The Shady Dell is located a little ways off I-10, along the once-popular I-80, and makes a great overnight for those traveling near Tucson, home of the amazing Saguaro National Park. It’s also pretty close to Tombstone, AZ… the kitschy Wild West town where the notorious Gunfight at the O.K. Corral took place; stop by there before or after your stay to keep with the old-school road trip theme!