Scarface Filming Locations in Miami

Say hello to my little friend.

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Created by Roadtrippers - April 18th 2016

There's a reason that basically every college dude has a Scarface poster on their wall: beyond being totally violent and epic and badass, it's also a really good story about the American Dream. Tony Montana is like a modern(ish)-day Jay Gatsby. Plus, how can you not love the distinctive flair of the Miami setting? If you'd rather not say hello to Tony's little friend, you can at least say hello to some of the more memorable Miami filming locations from Scarface!

Photo of Johnny Rockets

728 Ocean Dr, Miami, FL, US

Johnny Rockets

The infamous chainsaw scene where Angel is dismembered, one of the movie's more notorious moments, takes place on Ocean Drive. The rad art deco building where the scene was filmed is now a Johnny Rockets. The chain serves up reliably tasty burgers and diner food, and as an added bonus, this location features boozy milkshakes!

Photo of Fontainebleau Miami Beach

4441 Collins Avenues, Miami Beach, FL, US

Fontainebleau Miami Beach


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Make like a gangster and hang out by the pool at the famous Fontainebleau Miami Beach, where Tony and Manny talk about how to pick up chicks at the pool...just watch what you say, so you don't get slapped like Manny.

Scarface isn't the only movie to use the beautiful retro building as a filming location either: the Fontainebleau was famously featured in the James Bond flick Goldfinger, as well as dozens of other movies and TV shows.

485 West Matheson Drive, Key Biscayne, FL, US

Frank Lopez's Mansion - Scarface

Can you blame Tony for being tempted to a life of crime after seeing Frank Lopez's opulent mansion? Two buildings were used as filming locations for the huge home: some shots take place in a massive $38 million mansion in Key Biscayne. Rent a boat and cruise past for views of this swanky pad.

Photo of Frank Lopez's Condo - Scarface

2025 Brickell Ave, Miami, FL, US

Frank Lopez's Condo - Scarface

And because one multi-million dollar mansion isn't enough to house one of Miami's biggest and baddest drug lords (well, before Tony Montana, at least), other scenes for the residences of Frank Lopez were filmed at the expensive Atlantis Condos.

Bonus: if the building looks familiar to you, it's probably because it was also prominently featured in the opening credits of "Miami Vice."

27 Star Island Dr, Miami Beach, FL, US

Star Island

You also get an awesome sunset view of Miami's most exclusive neighborhood, Star Island, when we see Tony talking to Omar on a payphone on MacArthur Causeway.

Star Island is a man-made island in the bay that houses one of the most expensive and most private neighborhoods in the city. If you access it on foot or by bike, you can do some exploring!

1250 Ocean Dr, Miami Beach, FL, US

The Carlyle

The Carlyle, another gorgeous art deco building, also makes an appearance in "Scarface." Today the building houses spacious apartment condominiums directly across from the for a rich drug lord, of course.

Photo of Miami Beach Art Deco District

799 9th St, Miami Beach, FL, US

Miami Beach Art Deco District

Tony Montana arrives in the city of Miami after leaving the refugee camp at the famously distinctive Art Deco District. It's not hard to see how he could be swayed by the glamor and luxury of the historic and beautiful Miami Beach neighborhood. Here, you'll find nearly 1,000 historical buildings, mostly in the Art Deco style that's totally reminiscent of Miami's sleek, sexy character. Stroll the district and appreciate the architecture as you stop in the stores and restaurants here!

Of course, "Scarface" is a cautionary tale, and even though it is possible to explore Tony Montana's glamorous and sexy version of Miami without going too deep into the city's seedy underbelly, just be careful not to get high on your own supply!


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