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Sacramento Essential Info


Sacramento is the state capital of California in the United States.

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Fun Facts

  1. Sacramento is second only to Paris, France, for the city with the most trees per capita in the entire world.
  2. The California Railroad Museum, located in Old Sacramento, is the largest railroad museum in the entire country, with 21 fully restored locomotives.
  3. Sacramento has been home to seven professional sports teams: The Sacramento Kings , Sacramento Monarchs, Sacramento Capitals, The Rivercats, Sacramento Republic FC, and The Sacramento Sirens.
  4. Sacramento was the birthplace of the Pony Express in 1860, a horseback and wagon mail delivery service that ran 1,980-miles between California and Missouri.
  5. Sacramento nicknames include the “Camellia capital of the world,” “City of Trees,” “River City,” and “the Big Tomato", but residents affectionately refer to it as “Sactown.”

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