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Rochester Essential Info


Rochester is a city in the state of Minnesota that is home to the world famous Mayo Clinic. It is about 80 miles (130km) SE of Minneapolis/St. Paul. It is cold in the winter and warm, and many times hot, in the summer. It has a population of 107,890 in the city limits, with more in the surrounding areas. The city hosts millions out-of-town visitors coming for treatment at the Mayo Medical Center (Mayo Clinic) and has a well developed infrastructure to deal with its many visitors. Due to the large amount of visitors, Rochester is much busier than other cities of its size.

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Fun Facts

  1. Rochester was named after Rochester, New York.
  2. The city’s nickname is “Med City” because it is the home of Mayo Clinic
  3. IBM's Rochester campus is one of the company's most important manufacturing centers
  4. The United States Postal Service released a stamp on September 11, 1964 depicting Charles Horace Mayo and his brother. His family founded the Mayo Clinic.
  5. Igor Vovkovinskiym the tallest man in the United States, resides in Rochester.

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