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Portland Essential Info


Portland, "the City of Roses", is the largest city in Oregon and the third largest city in the Pacific Northwest after Seattle and Vancouver, British Columbia. It lies about 70 mi (124 km) from the Pacific Coast on the northern border of the state of Oregon, straddling the Willamette (pronounced will-AM-et) River 12 mi (19 km) south of its confluence with the Columbia River. Vancouver, Washington (not to be confused with Vancouver, Canada) is a Portland suburb and lies immediately on the other side of the Columbia River. About 50 mi (80 km) to the east lies majestic Mount Hood, which forms the perfect backdrop for Portland's skyline. The city is noted for its scenic beauty, great outdoors environment, a large number of microbreweries, and its eco-friendly urban planning policies.

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Fun Facts

  1. The annual World Naked Bike Ride in Portland is the world’s largest with 13,000 nude participants.
  2. The Candy Basket in Portland is home to the world’s largest continual chocolate waterfall.
  3. The Hotlanta of the West in Portland is home to more strip clubs per capita than anywhere else in the country.
  4. The computer mouse was invented by Portlandian Douglas Engelbart.
  5. “Just Doin’ It” wouldn’t be possible without Portlandian Phil Knight, the co-founder of Nike.

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