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Paris is a city in the Blackland Prairie region of North Texas.

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Fun Facts

  1. Paris, Texas, made the claim of being "The second largest Paris in the World," so in 1998 town boosters added a large red cowboy hat to the top of the tower, which made it taller than Tennessee's tower.
    However, in 1999, Las Vegas erected a 540-foot-tall Eiffel Tower replica along the Strip. At half the height of the original, this Eiffel Tower is nearly ten times taller than the other replicas.
  2. Gene Roden, a Paris resident, converted a home he purchased into a funeral home. It was the first funeral home in northeast Texas to have its own chapel. The site was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1982.
  3. Paris is located in "Tornado Alley", an area largely centered in the middle of the United States which sees tornadoes frequently.
  4. Tia Lynn Ballard, an American actress, artist, comedian, writer, and voice actress for Funimation, was born in Paris.
  5. St. Paul Baptist Church, founded in 1867 by former slave Elijah Barnes, registered at the state and federal level as the second oldest African American Baptist Church in the state.

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