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Page is a city in northern Arizona.
The city is best known for its main attractions of Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, and Lake Powell. Find us on

Warning: Although the canyons are beautiful, they can sometimes be dangerous. You must have a guide now if you want to enter the slot canyons. And the slot canyons close if there is any risk of flash floods. In 1997 a flash flood swept into Lower Antelope Canyon and killed 12 hikers.

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  1. Page is better known to world travelers than it is to the state’s own residents, who know it as “The Gateway to Canyon Country”.
  2. The name of Page was officially adopted in 1957, and before that, the town was simply known as “Government Camp".
  3. Page's population is about 7,300 but hosts 3 million visitors annually.
  4. Page sits between two of the largest sources of electrical power generation facilities in the West; Glen Canyon Dam and the Navajo Generating Station.
  5. Page is Home to some of the World’s Most Photographed Natural Wonders.

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