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Nevada Essential Info


It may be called the Silver State, but Nevada is pure gold. Visit the historic Hoover Dam and the just plain bizarre Fly Geyser, or simply let the sights and sounds of the Las Vegas strip sweep you away. Whether you see a show, take a huge gamble, or even elope at a wedding chapel, don't forget...what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!


Best Time To Go

Apr-May, Sep-Oct

Current Weather

56 °F

Mostly Clear

Fun Facts

  1. There is more shrimp consumed in Las Vegas, Nevada, per day than the rest of the country combined.
  2. Lake Tahoe in Nevada, is the third deepest lake in the U.S.
  3. Virginia City, Nevada, is believed to be the most haunted town in the U.S.
  4. There is one slot machine for every ten residents in Nevada.
  5. The ichthyosaur is Nevada's official state fossil.

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