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Louisville is the largest city in Kentucky, with about one and a quarter million people living in the metro area. Louisville is also the namesake of the Official Bat of Major League Baseball - the Louisville Slugger.

There are many correct pronunciations of "Louisville," from LOOey-vil to LOOuh-vuhl to LU-vul, but pronouncing it like "Lewisville" is generally considered incorrect.

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  1. Two Louisville kindergarten teachers, Patty and Mildred J. Hill, created the “Happy Birthday to You” song. It was originally entitled “Good Morning to All” but was later changed to fit a birthday theme.
  2. Louisville was voted the manliest city in America by GQ magazine.
  3. The historic Old Louisville neighborhood is one the largest Victorian neighborhoods in the US. It also has more pedestrian-only streets than any other neighborhood in the country.
  4. Renowned professional boxer Muhammad Ali was born in Louisville.
  5. A half-man half-goat creature, the Pope Lick Monster, is rumored to live under a railroad trestle in East Louisville.

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