Delaware Essential Info


Dela-where can you find everything from bustling beaches to grand, historic estates? In Delaware, of course! Have some fun under the boardwalk at Rehobeth Beach, soak up a gorgeous sunset from the Cape Henelopen light house, or pretend you've gone back in time at Winterthur Estate and Museum. Delaware isn't just the first state- it's the first in fun, too!


Best Time To Go


May-Jun, Sep-Nov

Fun Facts

  1. Standing 11 stories tall and made of more than 500,000 bricks, the Lego tower in Wilmington, Delaware, is the world's largest.
  2. The inventor of the life-saving Heimlich maneuver, Henry Heimlich, was born in Delaware.
  3. The state color of Delaware is "Buff".
  4. Bob Marley was once a plant worker for Chrysler in Newark, Delaware.
  5. It’s illegal to change your clothes in your car or in a public restroom in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

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