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Deadwood Essential Info


Deadwood is a town in the Black Hills of South Dakota. It is rivaled only by Tombstone, Arizona as America's most storied town from the wild frontier days.

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Fun Facts

  1. The site of a rich gold strike in 1875, Deadwood retains its mining town atmosphere, but much of its fame rests on the famous or infamous characters that passed through.
  2. Wild Bill Hickok, a folk character of the American Old West, was killed and buried in Deadwood.
  3. In Deadwood, a permit is required to mix one alcoholic beverage with another but you can mix all the beer you want.
  4. No sign shall move, flash, blink, flicker, rotate, pulse or scintillate in city limits of Deadwood.
  5. It is illegal to engage in seership, palmistry, magnetism and oriental mysteries in Deadwood.

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