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Buffalo Essential Info


The second-largest city in New York State and situated in the Niagara Frontier, Buffalo is a city full of surprises. Though Buffalo is often the butt of jokes about chicken wings, its long-suffering sports teams, and the mountains of snow under which it is buried each winter, local residents and others who are in the know tell another story: one of great nightlife, good museums and cultural attractions, and tight-knit neighborhoods with community spirit and a real sense of place. A great part of Buffalo's appeal to many visitors is the still-palpable sense of its history as an important industrial center. Historic buildings and sites around town tell the story of a city that was great once and has all the tools in place to be great again.

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Fun Facts

  1. Buffalo was first city to feature electric street lights in 1886.
  2. Theodore Roosevelt was inaugurated in Buffalo.
  3. Buffalo wings were first prepared at the Anchor Bar in Buffalo.
  4. The first man executed by an electric chair in the US was from Buffalo,
  5. Buffalo’s Turkey Trot which began in 1896, is the longest continually running footrace in America.

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