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Alabama Essential Info


Whatever your interests, this Southern state has it covered. Visitors can get their geek on at the US Space and Rocket Center, relax on white sand beaches in Gulf Shores, experience Southern hospitality at its finest while staying at a charming bed and breakfast, and brush up on Civil Rights history in Birmingham. The Heart of Dixie really does have it all!


Best Time To Go

Apr-May, Sep-Oct

Current Weather

82 °F

Mostly Clear

Fun Facts

  1. Alabama became the first state to declare Christmas a legal holiday in 1836.
  2. Alabama is the only state to have an alcoholic beverage as its official drink, the Conecuh Ridge Whiskey.
  3. Alabama's official insect is the Monarch butterfly.
  4. It was in Huntsville, Alabama that the first rocket to put humans on the moon was built.
  5. Magnolia Springs, Alabama, has the only all-water mail route in the United States.

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