August 11, 2019
Rated 1.0

Paid for a rustic site, $40 all together. We don’t need much but a fire pit for marshmallows. Unfortunately no fire pit and no picnic table was available. We are honestly the easiest campers, and we tend to prefer rustic sites. Not here though. It was a free for all, with people yelling obscenities past midnight. Quiet hours start at eleven.

We had gotten in a little late in the evening and spent a half hour looking for a site with a table or at least a fire pit. After finding nothing, we gave up and set up tents. The next day I let them know that it wasn’t acceptable to get a site with literally nothing, especially since both the brochure they gave us upon check-in and the website boasts a fire pit and a picnic table.

The supervisor was happy to tell me that everything is first come first serve. And that had I complained to security they would have brought us a table. Wish they had told us that before we paid them $40 for literally a patch of grass I could’ve stayed on for free in national Forest land.

They also didn’t give us the WiFi password with check in, so overall not thorough in making sure guests have what they need. Oh and toilets are actually Porto Johns that were in severe need of emptying.

If you’re looking for relaxing camping, this is not the place. Not only is it packed full of people, unsupervised children running around with really bright flashlights late into the night, will you be camping right next to the interstate where you can hear cars beeping horn’s and motorcycles zooming by into the wee hours of the morning. Certainly the worst KOA I’ve ever stayed at.

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March 11, 2019
Rated 5.0

You should absolutely view this site. It’s incredible and sacred. In addition to paved paths around the Serpent Mound, there are several nature walks around the site. There is also a large pavilion and several bbq stations and picnic tables. Perfect for a family or group outing. The museum is only open on the weekend, but the grounds are open from dawn to dusk.

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