Dana Dotoli

Dana Dotoli

N Tustin, CA, USA

Single Mom of 2 crazy teenage boys. Currently working full time, family chef & acting principal at The COVID Home School. Lover of travel & the outdoors but mostly snowboarding and tennis. Super fun, super funny, adventurous, loyal to a fault, smart, ambitious and loves to live life on the edge!

July 11, 2021
Rated 5.0

Beautiful new Element property in St. Louis.

Love the clean lines, environmentally friendliness and freshness of this brand.

The rooms are well appointed with everything needed for a family vacation. Plenty of space for 5 ppl …. 6 if kids are small.

This property has a beautiful indoor pool and is close to everything.

Great bar on the top floor with plenty of indoor and outdoor seating and views galore.

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July 10, 2021
Rated 5.0

What a lovely surprise just outside of campus.

Beautiful flowers, expansive greenbelts and trails to meander.

For an escape from campus, visit the arboretum for a place to wander, meditate and just be!

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June 30, 2021
Rated 5.0

Puneet is amazing!

After a not so great experience at the Residence Inn in DC, I was pleasantly surprised at how kind and accommodating the staff was at the Courtyard.

After a long day of sightseeing and traveling, being welcomed by a friendly staff and offered an upgrade so I could get a night alone to watch what I want on TV in my own suite …. PRICELESS?

The little things mean so much especially to the most loyal Titanium Level members.

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July 10, 2020
Rated 5.0


This iconic clock tower building in the center of everything contains the Marriott Vacation Club villas.

Known as the Custom House and part of the newer Pulse collection with amazing properties in the middle of the most sought after cities, this property is awesome.

I have a one bedroom villa. The main room contains a dining/living area with seating for 4 at the table. The living area has ample seating for a family or for guests and a flat screen tv with ample storage.

The kitchenette has a micro/mini fridge/sink/toaster/blender and cabinets filled with all you need.

Bath can be entered through the main area or through the bedroom.

The bedroom has a king bed, ample closet and storage space and a moveable flatscreen.

The 26th floor has an observation deck that provides a lovely 360 view of the city.

24th floor contains game room, guest laundry and the inner workings of the clock tower. This was super cool.

Gym and activities were closed but I took a peek where I could and can confirm family friendly.

Oh and Barbara and the front desk crew are super friendly and helpful.

Best part ..... views views views!

If you love the city feel and want to be in the heart of it all, close to north end Italian and Mikes Pastry, walk a block to the harbor for city tours, do the freedom trail, walk across the street to Fanuell Hall and Quincy market ..... this is your urban Mecca!

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July 09, 2020
Rated 4.0

Beautiful property in the heart of downtown and walking distance to places like the rock and roll hall of fame and the river front entertainment area.

The hotel is pretty and has a ton of very beautiful and eclectic modern art.

The restaurant and most other things were closed so we didn’t have a chance to dine or use any of the facilities.

The room was on a high floor and overlooking the water. It was a standard sized room, nothing special but the view was pretty.

Parking is next to the building and you had to park yourself.

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July 09, 2020
Rated 4.0

This was a welcome break from all the traveling we did.

The water was beautifully cool and the sand felt wonderful between our toes.

I was truly surprised by the height of the dunes and the hike back up after enjoying the beach was a serious glute and calf workout!

The hike was very beautiful through the trees to the dunes from the parking area. There are several places to visit and several different things you may see depending on where you are.

It is confusing with the national park versus the state park within the national park. There is no fee for parking at some of the spots but parking areas are small. During Covid it was great because so few were out.

The state park charges a fee and they dont honor the annual pass and they are snotty about it as well.

Definitely should check it out!

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July 08, 2020
Rated 5.0

What a great surprise! I had no idea this was added and I loved it.

The grounds were beautiful, I loved how they marked all the different types of flowers, plants and trees and what a great escape from the campus noise this is.

Set out by the stadium and across from the new law school (another new I didn’t know about) this is a place you need to visit. It is continuing to expand in all its loveliness.

There is a large area outside for Parties that is covered but open on the side and the view is fabulous.

I think this is a must see.

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Shawnee Inn & Golf Resort
Shawnee Inn & Golf Resort

Click to discover a
great deal!

July 08, 2020
Rated 3.0

The Shawnee Inn was highly recommended and maybe back in it’s day, it might have been great, but I was not impressed.

The good:

This is a great location right over the Delaware Water Gap. It’s right next to the water and there is a large amount of property that is beautiful in all seasons.

There are many activities including biking, hiking, kayaking and golf.

We played golf on one of the 3 (9) hole courses. The course was fun and a bit challenging and we even saw a mama and baby deer. The fees were fair and the golf staff were great.

The Shawnee Craft brewery on property is super cool with great prices on good beer and great live music. I was disappointed that a large crowd of very loud patrons were allowed to drink their own beer and eat their own food without tipping but still able to enjoy the music.

The manager was great! I told him about everything that happened. He was keen on listening and working to make the resort experience better.

The bad:

I know it was closed for a few months but honestly, this place needs a major makeover.
The main lodge is beautiful but up close it’s very dirty.

We were in the Delaware Lodge which is a small single story lodge just to the right of the the entrance which is no longer guard secured or even gate secured. It’s almost like it was an after thought and not a good one.

It is very dark and it’s surrounded by what looks to be staff buildings and garages full of equipment. We had no idea where the entrance was because it isn’t marked well so we drove around the back. There was a huge dumpster overflowing with trash and garbage built up all around it on the ground.

The room was a nice size with two comfortable queens, a tv, desk, dresser, refrigerator and bathroom. It was rustic and the bathroom had a giant soaking tub which my kids loved because my little one could stand up in it, but I thought it was a huge hazard.

To get in you had to climb on a bench and then hike your leg over to a big step on the other side. Honestly, any adult probably wouldn’t even try. One slippery soap spot and you are doing the splits! Naked. Not a good thought!

One of the beds was missing a comforter, the lights all flickered, the bathroom light was missing a cover, the laminate sink top was coming up, the air conditioner looked like it was going to fall out of the wall. It was heavily caulked with black “stuff” and the night stand was heavily marked and stained.

The ugly:

The same loud group at the Brewery were our neighbors in the lodge. OMG! They blasted music until after midnight, they slammed doors, had screaming babies and left their doors open.

Then....at 7am....yep you got it right.....7am, crying babies and doors slamming and super loud. Everyone is so edgey lately so I was afraid to call the front because I’m a single mom traveling with another gal pal and my two kids.

Outside of our lodge a family had basically set up a campsite. They had the back of their Jeep open. The kids were sitting on chairs around a fire they made. They were cooking out. The next day, the spot they left was littered with garbage.

Note: I would try again after Covid and insist on being in the main lodge or one of the cabins or glamping tents.

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June 30, 2020
Rated 4.0

Great location with great views of the capitol building.

This hotel is nicely appointed with clean lines and a modern vibe. The lobby bar was closed due to Covid but it was a very inviting seating area with floor to ceiling glass.

The 10th floor restaurant and lounge offers gorgeous views of the city and the atmosphere was open and bright. We didn’t stay to eat since we wanted cheese curds .... ya know ..... it’s a Wisconsin thing.

The room was a decent size with plenty of space for 4 carry on bags. It had a mini fridge and coffee and fully stocked with toiletries.

My only complaint is the valet said they couldn’t park my rental suburban and directed us to a pay lot about a block alway. Normally I wouldn’t mind but based on the condition of this city and protests, I was concerned about the car.

I am platinum status so that bothered me.

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June 28, 2020
Rated 5.0

This was a beautiful loop with the lake and mountains as a backdrop especially with the snow caps still showing!

I loved the intense deep blue of the waters in this area as well as the clay pots.

As I walked the boardwalk I enjoyed seeing the color of the water at the waters edge where the hot springs water hits the cold blue lake water. It creates this yellowish green water that I really wanted to jump into!

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