Rim Rock Ranch Resort
Rim Rock Ranch Resort

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August 05, 2018
Rated 1.0

Is no star an option? Because as you can see with your own eyes, the quality of our stay at Rim Rock Ranch Resort was sadly, **devastatingly** filthy and disgusting. I normally wouldn't be so dramatic, however, when you receive shower towels that have clearly already been used, when you pay $1,000 to sleep on beds with black circles of dirt, and you end up stepping in your own urine because it seeps out onto the floor when you flush as the seal is clearly broken, you can't help but feel taken advantage of, furious, pretty darn disappointed, and honestly, mostly fearful of catching a disease.

Rim Rock Ranch is taking people's money with ZERO regard for public health, well being, and safety. Conditions are simply unsanitary. It doesn't matter how old a building is, cleanliness and upkeep are all that's needed to provide a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable stay. Nothing fancy, but AT LEAST the bare minimum of laundered linens. After one night of this utter filth and raised voices with management (because they thought it a huge hassle to provide us with a receipt, some toilet paper, and clean towels, WHICH they admitted they did not This is a BUSINESS they're running??? Lodging. For humans. Without clean towels...?? Mind boggling) I was given the pleasure of speaking with the owner, Kevin. When I told Kevin we were leaving after the first night and deserved a refund for at least half seeing as we dropped a grand on the conditions recorded in the following photographs, Kevin proceeded to call me a "bitch" and a "dirty whore". Yes. This very mature, incredibly "successful" business owner called me a BITCH and a DIRTY WHORE. CLEARLY, Kevin is as classy as his establishment.

We use to frequent Rim Rock before Kevin's ownership, when it was clean and well taken care of for many years. Prices were fair and matched the quality of lodging. Conditions were safe and most importantly everything was CLEAN.

Save yourselves. The photographs speak for themselves. Their website is false advertising.
And no one should have to spend vacation time in these conditions $1,000.00 later without clean towels, clean sleeping conditions, surrounded by cobwebs and insects (not the normal outdoor kind, but literally tiny black bugs beneath the filthy mattresses). It's far cleaner and more sanitary in a tent without a bathroom. What these photographs show is not “rustic” nor “old cabin charm”. There is no excuse for dirty. “Letting things go” is not a type of interior decorating, so spare us the excuses. Charging people for this is straight theft. I wouldn’t dry my car or a dirty, stray dog with one of their towels.

Rim Rock is nothing short of a scam.

Sure do miss the old owners.

**unable to attach photos on this site. Please see trip advisor/yelp reviews to be able to accurately see the filth I refer to above with your own eyes.

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