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Steak 'n Brew

4497 New York 26, Turin, New York 13473 USA

  • Pet Friendly
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“Always recommended”

A cozy place with friends and a great menu Takes Reservations Walk-Ins Welcome Good For Groups Waiter Service TO START YOUR DINING OFF Shrimp Jammers- butterflied, stuffed with cheddar cheese & jalapeno lightly breaded & deep fried $7.94 Crock of French Onion Soup  Au Gratin $4.50 Shrimp cocktail $8.99 Broiled Scallops wrapped in bacon $7.99 Baked Stuffed Mushrooms $8.25 Chicken tenders $4.95 Escargot- sauteed in garlic cream sauce and served in a mushroom cap 8.95 Clams Casino- tender clams with onions, peppers and seasonings $6.95 Battered Mozzarella Sticks $4.89 French Fried Onion Wedges $4.39 Deep Fried Mushrooms $4.89 Maryland Style Crab Cakes $8.95 Caesar Salad  optional table side preparation $5.95 with an entree - $9.95 as an entree $13.95 with chicken - $16.95 with filet - $14.95 with sirloin Platter For The Group Clam Casino, Fried Mushrooms, Mozzarella Sticks & Onion Wedges ...................................for two $8.19............for three $11.95 BEEF SELECTIONS DELMONICO Regular cut...17.96 Hearty cut...21.96 FILET MIGNON 16.95 A quarter pound of the most tender cut, wrapped in bacon and char-broiled each additional oz. 2.19 CHAR-BROILED SIRLOIN STEAK  8 oz. cut 14.95 each additional oz. .99 LONDON BROIL 8 oz. portion 15.95 Marinated, char-broiled and topped with our special sauce, onions, peppers, and mushrooms each additional oz. 1.19 STEAK DIANE TIPS 17.93 SIX PEPPER STEAK 18.96 12 oz cut of NY strip steak dusted with six pepper seasoning and char-broiled each additional oz. 1.19 N. Y. STRIP STEAK 10 oz portion 16.49 each additional oz. 1.19 SLICED STEAK 8 oz portion 14.95 Top sirloin char-broiled, sliced and served over toast points & topped with Au Jus each additional oz. .99 CHOPPED SIRLOIN STEAK 10 oz. portion 12.95 Choice ground sirloin topped with our special topping of brown sauce and onions TRIPLE PLAY - FILET MIGNON, DUCK BREAST & LOBSTER TAIL A combination of all three.......28.98 witJumbo tail......36.98 SURF & TURF - DELMONICO STEAK & LOBSTER TAIL With regular tail....25.91 or with Jumbo tail.....33.95  THAT PERSONAL TOUCH STEAK DIANE - Prepared table side 28.95 Butterflied filet mignon flamed with brandy, served with mushrooms and onions in a burgundy sauce with a hint of dijon mustard STEAK AU POIVRE - Prepared table side 28.95 Butterflied filet mignon with peppercorns, flamed with brandy and served with a light brown sauce with a hint of heavy cream OTHER GRILLED OPTIONS PEPPERCORN ENCRUSTED PORK FILETS Wrapped in bacon, char-broiled (to medium) & served with a bourbon sauce 17.81 CHAR GRILLED DUCK BREAST Boneless breast seasoned char broiled & sliced with a special sauce 18.91 CHICKEN CHOICES CHICKEN FRISCO Marinated boneless breast char-broiled covered with crabmeat and topped with bearnaise sauce regular size...18.95 small...16.91 HAWAIIAN STYLE CHICKEN Boneless breast marinated, char-broiled & topped with sauteed onions, mushrooms, peppers & pineapple regular size...17.95 small...16.95 CHICKEN PICCATA Boneless breast sauteed with  lemon butter & capers regular size...16.97 small...14 .97 MAPLE CHICKEN Boneless breast sauteed with walnuts finished with a maple cream sauce regular size...18.97 small...16.97 RASPBERRY CHICKEN Boneless breast sauteed with cashews finished with a raspberry cream sauce regular size...18.97 small...16.97 HOUSE FEATURE SPECIAL ADDITIONS ADD a STEAK To any ENTREE SIRLOIN STEAK 6 oz. portion 6.49 each additional oz. .99 FILET MIGNON 1/4 lb. portion 8.69 each additional oz. 2.19 LONDON BROIL 6 oz. portion 7.95 each additional oz. 1.19 PORK FILET 4-5 oz. portion 5.95 ADD a LOBSTER TAIL To any ENTREE Jumbo tail......15.96 Regular tail.......7.95 ADD a DUCK BREAST To any ENTREE Half......6.95 Whole......9.95 ** Our dinner entrees include: relish platter, tossed garden salad, starch and chef’s vegetable choice ** Vegetable substitution - broccoli or asparagus......2.95 SEAFOOD SELECTIONS LOBSTER TAIL “The Best Part” Jumbo tail........23.83 Regular tail............14.96 SHRIMP SCAMPI 17.95 4 large shrimp dusted with seasoning and pan fried in a heavy garlic flavor add more for 1.83 ea FRENCH FRIED SHRIMP 16.95 4 large shrimp lightly breaded and fried to a golden brown add more for 1.83 ea BAKED STUFFED SHRIMP 17.95 4 large shrimp stuffed with seafood stuffing and baked add more for 2.19 ea BROILED SEAFOOD PLATTER 16.82 Fresh sea scallops, shrimp and haddock filet  broiled with a wine citrus butter STUFFED FILET OF SOLE 17.99 A light white fish stuffed with shrimp & scallops finished with Bearnaise sauce TUNA STEAK 16.87 Pan seared and topped with mild salsa and cheeses BAKED SEA SCALLOPS 15.96 Dusted with seasoning and citrus butter,  4oz portion each additional oz. 1.89 WRAPPED SEA SCALLOPS 16.91 These are wrapped in bacon, baked with our famous red cabbage, 4oz portion each additional oz. 1.89 HADDOCK 15.91 Served broiled with a hint of citrus butter or lightly breaded and deep fried TORTILLA ENCRUSTED TILAPIA 15.95 A light white fish with a tortilla crust and a hint of chipolte pepper & lime ENCRUSTED SALMON FILET 16.76 With sundried tomato& pine nuts finished with Bearnaise sauce SHRIMP & SCALLOP SAUTE 16.95 Sea scallops and shrimp sauteed and served over pasta in a garlic butter sauce SWORDFISH STEAK 18.95 Char-broiled and served  with a citrus butter SPECIAL DISHES FETTUCCINE ALFREDO Our Own Sauce Made with all the traditional ingredients... regular size...12.93 small...11.93 With grilled chicken regular size...17.93 small...15.93 With shrimp or sea scallops regular size...21.95 small...19.95 SHRIMP AND BROCCOLI Combined with pasta and marinara sauce 19.95 VEAL IDEAS VEAL FRANCAIS Egg battered, sauteed and finished in a chicken stock with white wine 19.83 VEAL ALFREDO Served with our own sauce over fettuccine 19.96 VEAL OSCAR Sauteed, served with asparagus, crab meat and Bearnaise sauce 21.96 MENU FOR THE... Up and Coming Generation Those Under 12 Years Sliced Sirloin Steak 8.95 char-broiled Fried Shrimp 7.95 4 small shrimp, lightly breaded  and deep fried Hoffman Hot Dog 3.99 Fettuccine Alfredo 6.95 With shrimp 8.95 Chicken Tenders 6.95 Strips of tender breast lightly breaded & deep fried Marisa’s Grilled Cheese Sandwich 3.89 Tossed Garden Salad 2.49 All children’s meals include french fries or rice pilaf ...Save Room For... The “Brew-ster“ Brownie A Special Hot Fudge Brownie Sundae & Ice Cream Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie Homemade Cheese Cake Caramel Custard Parfaits and other wonderful treats

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