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Thrill-seekers are sure to appreciate the rollercoasters and rides at this theme park just north of Cincinnati, and there's tons for kids to enjoy as well. The park's most famous attraction, though, has to be The Beast, the world's longest wooden roller coaster. When it opened in 1979, it was also the tallest and fastest, and it's unique in that it's historic but also still an adrenaline rush of a ride. Kings Island also has a water park, and you can't leave without enjoying a blue soft-serve cone.

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“Largest amusement & waterpark in the Midwest”

Prepare to feel the presence that will make your senses come alive with excitement - a presence that goes beyond breathtaking views, beyond hair-raising adventures, beyond the awesome power of Beasts and Diamondbacks -- the presence of Kings Island.  From the moment you enter, enchantment begins and the fun never ends.  At Kings Island, there are rides for everyone from thrill-seekers to families.  If speed and adventure are for you, there's our THRILL RIDES like The Beast and Diamondback.  Don't miss them.  If slower speeds are for you, the FAMILY RIDES like the Grand Carousel or Railroad will be perfect.   Kings Island is the largest amusement park and water park in the Midwest. And for good reason. Start with the thrill rides. The 5,282-foot, 80-mph Diamondback roller coaster. The Beast that travels across a 35-acre site at 65 mph. WindSeeker, which takes you 301 feet above the park for an unparalleled swing ride. Then there’s the Vortex, where you go through two vertical loops, one corkscrew, one boomerang turn and a 360-degree helix. Those alone are probably enough to make us the largest amusement park in the Midwest. Then there’s the kid-centric fun like Planet Snoopy. There’s also Dinosaurs Alive!– 60 life-sized dinos spread across seven acres of Jurassic thrills. Then there’s what completes our being the largest amusement park and water park in the Midwest – Soak City. Huge slides, wave pools and rushing rivers. It’s what makes us the largest amusement park and water park in the Midwest. Kings Island. Thrills Connect.

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Photo of Jeremy O.

Reviewed by
Jeremy O.

First time trying a skyline chili. I didn't find it particularly over or underwhelming. The hotdogs could have been a little bigger, the French fry portion was huge though. Read more

Photo of Eric L.

Reviewed by
Eric L.

It would be 3-stars if this were a normal skyline... extra star because it's in an amusement park. It's a skyline with limited selection. The do the 3-way, 4-way and coneys. We have a dining... Read more

Photo of EmmaCrick

Reviewed by

Very fun place to go! My favorite ride was Diamond Back. I would definitely go again! Read more

Photo of christophermwarren

Reviewed by

The kid in me loves this place. I don't much because of the prices, but for Southwest Ohio, this is as good as it gets. All of their coasters are unique and will fulfill any adrenaline-junkies' desires. Read more

Photo of Michelle1979

Reviewed by

Great family fun. I live near KI so we spend a lot of time here. The drink cups are worth the money and the meal plans are awesome. Read more

Photo of amhider

Reviewed by

There's something here for everyone. Yes, everything inside is overpriced, but if you pack a lunch and keep it in a cooler in your car and bring in water, you can keep costs in check. Let's see... I like to bring a little drawstring backpack to store my wallet, phone and keys in because you can't bring those on rides (seriously, take your phone and wallet out of your pocket and don't wear sunglasses or glasses)... and you can wear flip flops and take them off during the intense rides. Read more

Photo of LeannaArnold

Reviewed by

My husband and I spent a whole day here. It was one of the best days we've had! Read more

Photo of amhider

Reviewed by

I like that they have it sorted with all the big new roller coasters in one part of the park and the vintage rides in another part. They've been building lots of new rides lately, and they do a good job of keeping the lines down. Also GET BLUE ICE CREAM. Nothing is more refreshing after a long day of waiting in line- just don't get it before you go on Invertigo because it's not as good coming back up :) Read more

Photo of DavidStacy

Reviewed by

Favorite Rides: The Beast, the Racer; the old wooden classics. Well the Beast is not as old, but it's a classic in and of itself. KI had for long lagged behind Cedar Point to the north in the number and type of innovative rides, but with the purchase by Cedar Fair, that situation has been rectified as the reinvestment in the park has been steady. For the locals, get your season pass and come in after the park has cooled down a bit after supper. Read more

Photo of OmarAlamoudi

Reviewed by

Nice place to spend with the family. On a Thursday in August, the weather was sunny and nice, ride waiting time was a maximum of 30 min. The park opened at 10am, we were there by 11am and the entrance looked crowded, that wasn't the case inside, we were able to ride almost every ride by the time we left by 8pm. Read more

Photo of justinjams

Reviewed by

It's always a little disconcerting to put your life in the hands of 16 year olds working their summer jobs, but King's Island has never let me down. The rides are great -- especially the newer ones. The new Banshee is as smooth as it is terrifying, and that's perfect for me. They offer free cups of ice water at almost every concession stand, which is a treat on hot summer days. Read more

Photo of brandon

Reviewed by

definitely the best amusement park around Cincinnati. go to a local krogers to buy tickets for cheap, i think they include free parking as well. Read more

Photo of allie.white

Reviewed by

I used to go here a lot as a kid, and the place has gotten infinitely better since! I recently just went and rode the newest ride, the Banshee, which was incredibly worth the wait. However, I will never go on the Vortex again because it is not for the faint of heart. Read more

Photo of steelval3

Reviewed by

Cedar Point's little brother, this park is fun and the best theme park in southern Ohio, and they continue to get more and more coasters (which is a GREAT thing). Never too crowded during the week, but the weekends expect a long line for rides. Read more

Photo of mitchless

Reviewed by

If you like roller coasters, Kings Island is your only option in this part of the state. Now that it is owned by Cedar Fair, I expect a lot more coasters and fewer "theme" rides. I'm glad to have had the chance to ride the "Son of Beast" before they took it out, but I would never ride it again. The rest of the coasters, however, are great. Read more

Photo of chrisspinney

Reviewed by

It's a damn fine amusement park that gets overshadowed by it's more popular and bigger cousin Cedar Point in Northern Ohio. Helpful tip, head there on a day where it rains in the morning. People tend to see the bad weather and not go which leaves you with short lines for most of the rides. Read more

Photo of nuekerk

Reviewed by

This week I was lucky enough to get invited to the Kings Island media day for the launch of The Banshee, the longest inverted roller coaster in the nation. The lines were long, since coaster enthusiasts from all over the country were there. Unfortunately, the rest of the park wasn't operational, so I only got to ride Banshee, but hold crap was it amazing. If anything, this just makes me want to visit the place properly! Read more

Photo of jonmrich

Reviewed by

It's amazing to have such a great amusement park almost literally in my backyard. This is a real deal park with at least 5 world-class coasters including the legendary "The Beast." "Mystic Timbers" is the latest addition and is a top-notch, super-fast, wooden coaster that speeds through a densely wooded area. Read more

Photo of CincinnatiUSA

Reviewed by

Little adrenaline junkies (and their parents) can't get enough of the high-flying roller coasters at this globally famed amusement park. For the littlest visitors, Planet Snoopy has been voted Best Kids Area in the world for 12 consecutive years by Amusement Today. When it's time to cool off, head to Soak City Waterpark, the park’s massive 33-acre waterpark! Read more

Kings Island

6300 Kings Island Dr
Mason, Ohio
45034 USA


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