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Roy's Motel, Cafe & Gas Station

87520 National Trails Highway, Amboy, California 92304 USA

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Tue 8a-6p
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“iconic route 66 gas station”

Roy's is located on Historic Route 66 in Amboy, California. The town of Amboy itself is in the Mojave desert. The site of Roy's has become an icon for a lonely desert gas stop due to the multiple appearances of Roy's in movies. Amboy has it all: airport, garage, cafe, school, church, graveyard, even a volcanic crater. Yet all but the post office is not operating anymore. "Roy’s Motel, café and gas station are perhaps most beloved and considered particularly important relative to other Route 66 properties because of the remote desert location." says Glen Duncan, Route 66 Preservation Foundation president and author of Route 66 in California. "Traveling east or west, it was and still is a long way to go for gasoline, a bed or something to eat. Roy’s was a godsend for travelers." The World Monuments Fund (WMF) recently announced its 2008 World Monuments Watch List of 100 Most Endangered Sites which included the entire 2,448 mile long Route 66. -  BIM.GOV

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April 05, 2014

Was here in January 2014.... Gas station is still operational, along with cold drinks, some packaged snack items, and plenty of Route 66 postcards (some featuring Roy's), maps, and tee shirts. Only stop for a while in the Mojave on the way from Palm Springs to Vegas. And free public BATHROOMS thank god! Hotel still NOT operational. If you love history, or roadside America, definitely check it out! Great photo op standing on the platform under the giant iconic Roy's sign! :)

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May 25, 2021
Rated 1.0

The short story: Too bad there is no negative rating...DO NOT go here for Gas nor 'food'...there is no food and they pumped diesel into my gas engine RV...and now I am getting a crate engine installed since the they ruined the current engine. The owner, Kyle, would not share any videos of the gas being pumped nor sample test of the gas. He told me to get a lawyer. Customer service at its finest.
The long story: Advertised as having food my fam and I drove our restored 1981 Lazy Daze RV here. I had 'gas' pumped by David, who kept asking me if my RV was diesel. I told him no and that I wanted premium unleaded (BTW you cannot pump your own gas here) He seemed very flustered. The fam and I went inside for some 'cafe food' They had only popcorn and some homemade cinnamon crisps in a sandwich bag...oh yeah and they had coffee and some soft drinks in a small refrigerator. David came inside to take our order, we paid David and he then went back outside. We waited for him to come back in to receive our food and drink order. He then hurried inside somewhere. ...We asked for the 'food' and coffee we ordered. He asked 'what food' so we showed him our receipt. He then gave us our order, but said the coffee machine does not work...lol...why did he sell us coffee then?
My fam and I finished up and left. I drove 5oo meters and my RV sputtered and died, repeatedly. I opened the gas tank and smelled diesel. (I have worked in construction and service single-cycle and two-cycle engines...i can recognize gas for diesel from kerosene..etc.) I returned back to Roy's and went inside...there was no one there...I called and no one picked up. I waited 15-20 mins...still no one.
I sputtered and stalled all the way to Needles, CA where one of my mechanics has a shop. He had worked on beefing up the suspension 5 months before and was amazed by its clean interior, engine and tranny. When he saw it roll into his shop this day and before I said anything, he jokingly said "Wow sounds like hell...did you get bad gas?" I said I think so. He was shocked. He said the fuel filter he changed did smell like diesel/tractor gas. And told me it is a common trick for gas station owners in the boonies here to get good gas and cut it with cheap gas resulting in what called 'tractor gas'. He serviced it a bit more, but said we needed to drain the gas, which we did later at a proper facility. He said there could be lots of damage, which we later discovered was true.
After this I spoke to David's manager, Mr. Daugherty, an actually kind and helpful person. And he said David had caused various issues in the past, and he would let the owner, Kyle, know. I have since tried to amiably engage the owner to no avail. And now $1100 in repairs later, I have decided to get a crate engine installed. Beware this 'Cafe'...and gas stand...
BTW take a walk around the grounds and see that this dump looks like an abandoned homeless encampment. What a joke...for us an expensive joke going to Roys'...'Cafe'. And the pic is of the gas stand that David used, and the owner told was 'new' and constantly serviced...LMAO really?...totally confusing labelling on the old, cruddy gas stand...and I paid the price..so sad and infuriating. You have been warned....

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September 02, 2014
Rated 3.0

Super cute little spot but don't expect to get gas here. It's $5 a gallon. Seriously. Do go in and buy the Route 66 Rootbeer though. Amazing!

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Tatiana Danger

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August 30, 2014
Rated 5.0

I wasn't initially planning on visiting here because I took a stupid detour off Rte. 66 to Vegas and needed to make up time. But, then at the last minute I got off the interstate and hopped on old Rte 66 and thank GOD! This place was freaking awesome. There's nothing but sky so it's basically a photographer's playground. I got so many awesome shots of my little boy here and it's such an iconic spot, I'm so glad I took the time to visit.

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April 27, 2021
Rated 5.0

I was fortunate to stay here at Roy's Motel Cabins back a few years ago when they were open for business... While staying there the cafe was open but only early mornings when it wasn't so hot, as to fry a burger in the kitchen it was to hot with no air-conditioning, so I eat lunch early... Staying in the cabin was an experience from the past... The swamp coolers on the roof no longer worked, so the host put in a small window air conditioner that did help some during the 117 degree heat in the mojove in Amboy... Even at night the small air conditioner could not keep up. It was hard to sleep being so hot throughout the night and sweat all night... The host did warn me that I would not want to shower before bed as the water came from the metal tanks out back and the sun would have the water almost at boiling temps, so he advised that I wait until morning to shower as it would be a little cooler by them, but would still be hot... I took his advice... He also asked that I conserved as much water as I could because they have to have the water brought in by train rail tanks and gets expensive... So while people moan and groan about the cost of gas at Roy's station, they have to pay for the water somehow cuz it ain't free... I wish I could remember the guys names that ran Roy's place then and the cooks name but their names escape me now... They were great folks to talk with and informative on the area... While there I walked Amboy Creator... Talk about what it would look like in the moon, a person could get lost in the lava formations if not careful... I got some great pictures from my time visiting Roy's Motel and Cafe... I understand it was bought out by some big rich guy that owns a popular taco or chicken restaurant chain and is suppose to invest money to bring it back to it's luster and keep the nostalgia of Roy's and RT66 intact and not destroy a national treasure and not build a big fancy motel on the grounds... I hope this is true and we see progress of restoration in the near future... I want to be able to stay in the cabins again in the future...
Bill Sisson aka Stumpy

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October 31, 2017
Rated 1.0

Got there around 7pm and everything was already shut down. We were going to try to stay the night there and nothing was open.

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August 28, 2017
Rated 3.0

Im honestly Neutral when it comes to roys. I live on base so I’ve been here a couple times on the way to Vegas and just to explore. It’s a great monumental spot just to stop at to say that you were there and experience the eeriness and creepiness of the entire area and all the myths behind the town, I would suggest getting gas way before heading into Amboy so you won’t get stop there especially at night due to creepy and scary rumors of things happening late at night around the area. There is an abandoned school in the area and ita interesting to be near. Enter if u dare.

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Roy's Motel, Cafe & Gas Station

87520 National Trails Highway
Amboy, California
92304 USA


Open now until 6:00 pm
  • Mon - Sat: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm

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