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Seattle 2015

  • 9
  • 54:58
  • 3,047 mi
  • $503
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Created by Linda - March 29th 2015

This trip was a perfect mix of outdoor beauty and city fun. Seattle and Vancouver are wonderful in summer because they offer cooler weather since they are near the water and have great hikes and bike rides nearby, but also amazing museums, restaurants and markets. Bozeman, Spokane and Osoyoos are smaller gems that are easy for families to navigate. They offer an abundance of natural sites, but it's easy to head to the downtown areas to get ice cream and taking a night stroll. You know it's a great trip when you wish you had more time in each location. Ending in Jackson Hole and a day trip to Yellowstone felt like the perfect grand finale. After a long road trip it is recommended to help everyone get a second wind and end with one of the most beautiful places in the United States.

Louisville, Colorado, United States

686mi 11h 29m
200mi 04h 37m

Osoyoos Indian Reserve British Columbia, Canada

136mi 02h 31m

Kirkland, Washington, United States

475mi 08h 16m
390mi 07h 17m
518mi 08h 53m

Louisville, Colorado, United States