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Adventure. Lighthouses. Hiking. Family. Love.

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Created by tracymariebrady - September 29th 2019

The word “whimsical” doesn’t even begin to describe the romantic summer adventures of Wes Anderson's "Moonrise Kingdom" protagonists, Suzy and Sam. There’s something iconic and magical about summers in New England. Do your best to recreate the feel from the movie at the film's prettiest filming locations!

Photo of Camp Yawgoog (Moonrise Kingdom)

61 Camp Yawgoog Rd, Rockville, RI, US

Camp Yawgoog (Moonrise Kingdom)

Camp Yawgoog in Hopkinton served as the filming location for Khaki Scouts' Camp Ivanhoe. Unfortunately, their epic treehouse isn't real, and Ed Norton isn't the scoutmaster. But, a few local scouts were even used as extras in the film.

25mi 00h 53m

1470 Ocean Rd, Narragansett, RI, US

Point Judith Lighthouse


Point Judith Lighthouse is a classic lighthouse that has been keeping the coast safe (and looking incredibly beautiful) since 1854. It was automated 100 years later, in 1954, only a few years before the movie was set!

20mi 00h 33m

A beautiful former Jamestown lighthouse was used as the Bishop home exterior. Conanicut Point Light was built in 1886 and is registered as a National Historic Place.

7mi 00h 17m
Photo of Clingstone: House on the Rock

The inspiration for the Bishop home’s interior comes from Clingstone (AKA “The House on the Rock”) in Narragansett Bay (specifically its interior shingles).

3mi 00h 10m
Photo of Beavertail Lighthouse and Park

Beavertail Rd, RI, US

Beavertail Lighthouse and Park

7mi 00h 24m

365 Thames St, Newport, RI, US

Rose Island

3mi 00h 15m

590 Ocean Ave, Newport, RI, US

Castle Hill Lighthouse


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Yet another picture-perfect lighthouse: Castle Hill Lighthouse, is sadly not open to the public, but the grounds are easily accessible by footpaths in the area, but to be honest, the exterior is the prettiest part.

Moonrise Kingdom is a love-letter to Rhode Island and an impassioned tribute to childhood crushes, camp adventures, star-crossed lovers, and the sense of fulfillment that comes with following your heart. Plus, every shot is postcard-worthy...what more reason do you need to visit?